Government Airplane Stop?

By MaxPilot

A United States of America airplane landing at the Santa Barbara Airport on Saturday.


Written by MaxPilot

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  1. Pitmix – You have numerous quotes throughout the past year using wildly inflated Covid numbers. You constantly used double or triple the current accepted figure. I always assumed your motive was you hated the President and were a school admin enjoying direct deposit.

  2. But sure, I would love to hear what your motivation was/is. I’ve always hated wild exagerations…and they were coming EVERY SINGLE DAY on TV from our former President AND on here almost every day by our resident KEEP EVERYTHING CLOSED ESPECIALLY SCHOOLS FOREVER Pitmix. So what was your motivation? Your numbers never lined up with reality…they were always wildly inflated!

  3. SBSURFLIFE – I did have a lot of coffee this morning…so I will give you that. But still, there are literally dozens of posts by Pit throughout the last 13 months that consistently and seemingly intentionally exaggerated the Covid numbers. It was ridiculous that people equated COVID with the flu, but then there were people on the other hand that were intentionally inflating numbers which had palpable negative effects.

  4. Go back a month and you got Pitmix wanting schools to stay closed till August…what we’ve done to the youth of this city, state and country is inexcusable. Every other country saw the need to close schools last and open them first. So yes…I’m pouring a Kombutcha and breathing deeply and trying to feel love for all…but that missed full year of school is tough to just “let go” of…

  5. Compared to a Trump round of golf, which usually came in at around $600,000 for the taxpayers, I’m guessing this was just a blip. In 4 years, Trump racked up $140 million in taxpayer dollars for his golf game. Thanks you Mr. Orange.

  6. Pit – You pushed a 10% then 5% then 3% COVID fatality rate months passed each one had definitively been disproven!!!!! Your fear mongering of fake stats was a daily edhat occurance throughout the spring, Summer, fall and winter. You were consistently the other side of the coin with misleading and fake/false rumors!!

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