Goleta's Beachside Bar Cafe to Close

Goleta's Beachside Bar Cafe to Close title=
Beachside Bar-Cafe (courtesy photo)
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By edhat staff

After 36 years in operation, the Beachside Bar-Cafe located at Goleta Beach is now closing.

The restaurant opened in 1985 by Dave Hardy as a popular destination for UC Santa Barbara students and their visiting families. Over the years it became a local's spot offering a variety of food options and cocktails with a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean.

"We want to thank our local community for your support and patronage through these ever changing times. It is because of YOU that we had so much success in the 36 long years of business. We share an ethereal love for our customers and have memories that we will cherish forever," said a message from the owners.

The restaurant will continue to be open for takeout until the end of January or until their inventory lasts. Their wine list is available for purchase by the bottle at a 50% discount. 

"Come out and enjoy our delicious food and drinks one more time! From the bottom of our hearts we are forever grateful for your support through the years. Thank you," the owners stated.

Beachside Bar-Cafe is located at 5905 Sandspit Road in Goleta and is open from 11:30 am - 7:00 pm.

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a-1611716017 Jan 26, 2021 06:53 PM
Goleta's Beachside Bar Cafe to Close

The article, with more information and details:


Carey2 Jan 26, 2021 02:47 PM
Goleta's Beachside Bar Cafe to Close

Well, I have to comment on this one. I have 2 homes, one in SB and one in Goleta. Now that Beach side is gone I can't think of a decent Restaurant that I would be proud to take a visiting family member to in Goleta. Ohhh, that's right, Beach Side was not in Goleta, It is in the Santa Barbara Airport corridor.
You all have not seen the worse of all of this. Why can't some of these business get a break like the "no eviction for no rent". The bills keep on coming and I am going broke. Sure my tenants owe the rent, but it's so large now, they will just leave. This is all a trickle down theory in reverse. The City will get hit, then the State. Poor management by Gavin and his staff. Oh, I have to throw his aunt Palosi in there too. We are going to be paying for this for a decade. I loved the Beach Side. Very sad!

a-1611715839 Jan 26, 2021 06:50 PM
Goleta's Beachside Bar Cafe to Close

And if it IS "trickle down in reverse," does that change your thoughts about trickle-down economics?!

a-1611715755 Jan 26, 2021 06:49 PM
Goleta's Beachside Bar Cafe to Close

You might want to look deeper into CA SB 91.
I was a landlord. I had good profit with under-market rents. Landlords also have to take responsibility for their economic decisions.

a-1611715594 Jan 26, 2021 06:46 PM
Goleta's Beachside Bar Cafe to Close

I would downvote a comment like this for silly digs like "aunt palosi." I'm all for rational, even heated discussion, but I have to draw the line somewhere.

a-1611701808 Jan 26, 2021 02:56 PM
Goleta's Beachside Bar Cafe to Close

@CARY why does it matter that the restaurant wasn't technically in Goleta? It is in SB County, not SB City as it is not part of the airport land. I don't get what the point is?

420722 Jan 26, 2021 02:17 PM
Goleta's Beachside Bar Cafe to Close

I wonder if Lure Fishhouse would be interested in moving here. They have great food and it makes more sense to have a seafood restaurant by the ocean over a mall parking lot. Either way their food is still great. Sad to see beachside go. Ate many dinners there.

PitLocal Jan 26, 2021 10:38 AM
Goleta's Beachside Bar Cafe to Close

Very sad to see it go indeed. I'm sure that when the current circumstances evolve to something better than what we have now, there will be another restaurant in that space. I happen to have heard rumors of legitimate parties interested in taking a crack at it. Let's hope it all turns out for the best.

Crystalandmaui Jan 26, 2021 08:06 AM
Goleta's Beachside Bar Cafe to Close

Another one gone, I am amazed how any restaurants are able to stay open.
Yes it is a beautiful spot, only been there 3 times when I’ve been bike riding over there. Never would of known about it, if not for riding my bike. Hopefully another will go in. But surly it must be very high rent. Good luck to the future.
I live by the BIG YELLOW HOUSE never reopened why to high of rent. Now that it’s been closed for so long, the popularity of that place (spot) has gone.
Who wants to chance it now.
Glad the restaurants get to reopen today, hope they really make it safe this time. By really having tables and chairs when people are at them 6 feet apart. And not right next to people walking by you. And really clean their hands off and all items touched on the tables. And make their employees are tested weekly.

JB86 Jan 25, 2021 08:25 PM
Goleta's Beachside Bar Cafe to Close

To me, whether or not someone can reopen a business at this location depends on government, and the lease rate and conditions. Similar to the history of the Elephant Bar and its successor. If the County wants a restaurant there, it will happen; if the terms are too difficult for someone to make a profit - not.

a-1611633032 Jan 25, 2021 07:50 PM
Goleta's Beachside Bar Cafe to Close

When I hear that a business is closing after 36 years, retirement comes to mind. Maybe they were ready to stop anyway, and current conditions tipped the scales. It would have been nice if they could have sold the business and kept it going, but I expect that a new restaurant will take the location after the pandemic is over.

surfergirl69 Jan 25, 2021 06:58 PM
Goleta's Beachside Bar Cafe to Close

What's their biggest expense ? I would imagine that it is rent. Otherwise they could just close the doors and wait Covid out.

Voice of Reason Jan 26, 2021 08:19 AM
Goleta's Beachside Bar Cafe to Close

No sure why all the downvotes Nonbidenary. Other governors have shown they can manage the covid response better, without arbitrarily closing then opening then closing then opening vast sectors of their economy.

winter Jan 25, 2021 12:48 PM
Goleta's Beachside Bar Cafe to Close

Maybe...it can be saved ?
The Governor, just lifted restrictions...
Just hoping....pretty spot, good food, service.

a-1611713891 Jan 26, 2021 06:18 PM
Goleta's Beachside Bar Cafe to Close

SAUL--apparently it was not an "absolutely invaluable place to have in our community" or it would not be closing.

Luvaduck Jan 26, 2021 10:40 AM
Goleta's Beachside Bar Cafe to Close

There's somebody, perhaps more than one, who automatically delete all messages from those they don't agree with. Probably no tracking of excessive down votes or they'd be eliminated from the site.

Sail380 Jan 25, 2021 09:51 PM
Goleta's Beachside Bar Cafe to Close

Sign the lease and let us know how it goes. Its an absolutely invaluable place to have in our community.

RHS Jan 25, 2021 06:32 PM
Goleta's Beachside Bar Cafe to Close

If a restaurant cannot pay its employees a decent wage without closing, it should close. I have enjoyed this restaurant and will miss it but it is a business, not a personal friendship. They have a duty to act ethically and fairly. If they cannot compete following this duty it is time to move on. Someone else will come in and make a go of this place, it is an absolutely invaluable business site.

a-1611627974 Jan 25, 2021 06:26 PM
Goleta's Beachside Bar Cafe to Close

It's pretty telling that someone voted CHEMICALSUPERFREAK's comment down. Why? Does it violate your narrative that Newsom and COVID are going around gleefully shutting businesses down?

ChemicalSuperFreak Jan 25, 2021 04:31 PM
Goleta's Beachside Bar Cafe to Close

Winter, it's not just COVID. The owners cited rising minimum wage as another factor that was making it difficult to operate: “We’ve got a lot of overhead,” he explained. “We just can’t go on forever losing money. We just didn’t see any end in sight. We have just a year left on our lease, so we decided to pull the plug.” (https://www.independent.com/2021/01/23/bye-bye-beachside-bar-cafe/)

Bird Jan 25, 2021 12:38 PM
Goleta's Beachside Bar Cafe to Close

What a pity! It's one of the relatively few beach restaurants with a wonderful view and welcoming locals and the only one in Goleta.

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