Goleta to Appeal County-Approved Cannabis Cultivation Project

Source: City of Goleta

The City of Goleta will be appealing the County of Santa Barbara’s approval of a cannabis cultivation project located just outside of the City’s limits near the Winchester Canyon Road neighborhood. Santa Barbara County has permit authority over commercial cannabis operations within the County’s unincorporated area and, on September 16, 2021, approved the White Light Cannabis Cultivation Project. The project calls for the development of 17 acres of nursery and outdoor cannabis cultivation, processing and distribution on a property zoned for agricultural use (AG-ll-100) at 222 Winchester Canyon Road, 0.5 miles outside of City limits. The decision comes after the City has repeatedly expressed its concerns about the project and notified the County that the City would appeal the decision, if it was approved without addressing the City’s concerns.

Mayor Paula Perotte said, “The County has not addressed our concerns surrounding the project prior to the project being approved. A cannabis cultivation project has no place near a residential neighborhood without adequate safeguards and environmental review.”

The City’s primary concerns relate to hydrogen sulfide (H2S) hazards known to occur in the well water in the area, the lack of an H2S Safety Plan, an inadequate Odor Abatement Plan relating to cannabis odors, and insufficient environmental review as required by the California Environmental Quality Act. More detailed information about these concerns can be found on the City website at https://www.cityofgoleta.org/city-hall/planning-and-environmental-review/county-cannabis-permitting.

Parties opposed to the project have until 5:00 p.m. on Monday, September 27, 2021, to file an appeal. For additional information about the project and the appeal process, contact the County’s project planner Christopher Schmuckal at cschmuckal@countyofsb.org or (805) 568-3510.

County rules allows ten (10) days to appeal the permit from the date of permit approval. The City’s appeal will be heard by the County Planning Commission along with any other appeals at a future date to be determined. The County Planning Commission’s review is de novo, meaning it gets to consider the facts and permit findings anew, without deference to the staff-level decision. 

White Light Cannabis Cultivation Project Map

Pictured: Project Location Map


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  1. Sail, this is true. However, war babies were born during WWII, which was fought by the Silent and/or Greatest Generation who preceded us. We were just a small generational blip, but with a unique history – fathers went to war, women went into the workplace and then back home again to suffer the Feminine Mystique – our feet were in both worlds straddling the Greatest Generation and the BabyBoomers – left us quite schizophrenic, which some here will enjoy hearing. Somewhere caught Janus headed between tradition and rebellion. But even we too got that classic Greek admonition in our local newspapers when we were 1950’s teenagers, about the treachery of these younger generations today, that has now been around and repeated for 2000 plus years about each subsequent new generation. What amazes me today being forced to understand the great Boomer youth rebellions of the 1960/70’s is they demanded Question Authority and Never Trust Anyone Over 35 – Free Speech -Free Speech. But it is now us War Baby oldsters who are rebelling against today’s massive/passive conformity of thought, the cancel culture that enforces this conformity and deep censorship the younger generations exercise today. Odd role reversal. One early boomer message was correct – the Age of Aquarius did eventually become the Age of Addiction. (Rollo May)

  2. So the incentive here is increasing the tax base. Do decision makers spend much time considering the supply and demand outlook? Or the cost of social issues for what was once considered a “gateway drug”? Having tapped out on the already partaking customer base, is it now just “green light city” for the cultivation of a newer and younger customer demographic to absorb this excess supply? (Where’s Joe Camel when you need him!) Regarding other product lines, how much CBD oil is enough? And what about THC oils? Is there really a continuous need for more THC based candies and cookies? How about concern for current growers? Is anyone managing the balance of sustainability so businesses can invest and stay afloat? Do we know the breakeven rate for profitability so it can be managed? Or what about deep pocketed players that come in with an unfair advantage? Will they continue to undermine locals by artificially depressing short term prices for long term monopolization? (Only to increase prices later when they own control?) What about the elusive “black market”? Will we continue to ignore excess product trading under the radar locally and/or crossing state lines? Doesn’t approving more growers exacerbate this? What about all the other states joining in for the rush to cultivation thus pressing on future demand? Do county officials follow these things? It is known that local growers can struggle to move premium-product (buds) as price continues to fall due to oversupply. There’s simply a glut as more participants enter. Ironically, the lesser quality leaf that gets processed into oils runs at higher demand but at a much lower price point per pound. So growers will need to grow more low quality plants needing more land to do it. (Think 10 acres of soybeans vs. 1 acre of Avocados) Maybe that’s the point of continuous approvals and what sometimes seems like a lack of concern in how everything blends.

  3. Myopia driven by extremely poor management and even worse planning. Years of over spending, debt loading and greedy, selfish taking by the public employees and their elected leaders has produced an situation that requires constant tax growth just to pay for their past deeds and liabilities. The awful truth is that no matter how much incremental tax revenue is added, it will never make up the debt load laid on the children of this State and Country by the Boomers. —————————–The Boomers destroyed CA and SB and they are on their way to destroying the economic future for countless future generations. Yes, the entire debt load lays on the feet of a single Generation. Look at the math, the history. Its all happened in the last 40 years. All of it happened on their watch. ———————–The Boomers are the most selfish and greedy group of people to ever occupy the planet and without exception, the worst generation in American history. They are the only generation to leave their children worse off than they! ——————————-Yes people, the stinky Hippies grew into Yuppies and they stole the future to enrich themselves… —————————–Hey Boomers, know that everyone younger than 50 hates you for the mess you’ve made and they despise you for the collective unwillingness to pay it back or pay it forward. Your legacy is not environmentalism, or organic food or rock music, or the early days of computers, nope. Its debt, selfishness and greed. Good luck on your last few years on this planet. Money wont buy you what you really need and want… its too late for that.

  4. Because the Boomers will NOT retire. They refuse to get out of the way. They refuse to pass the baton. They refuse to pay it forward or bow out with dignity…. Their legacy is greed, selfishness and myopia and they’re clinging to those ideals until they die. They are the problem with out society because their morality is flawed and worse, its based on archaic and irrelevant thinking from the 19th century. These people are simply not capable of dealing with today’s world and its complexity (for ex: Boomers share and believe in misinformation more than all other generations combined). So until they are dead and gone, we’re going to have to work around them. Good news is that time is on our side, they have maybe 10 years left before they’re all but gone… Covid has helped cull the herd a bit, but we have a ways to go to claw back our future from the worst generation in American history from destroying the future for our children.

  5. SBO: befriend a War Baby generation member, who came before the Boomers, and are still hanging around. Let them pass on their hard earned wisdoms having a much longer perspective than the boomers, who by their sheer demographics dominated every decade of our recent human history. We War Babies all had to weather their impacts too. Not all bad, not all good but sheer domination by numbers is an important message which continues today. Demographics is destiny.

  6. But we have an entire new batch from younger generations continuing on this same troubled path, it seems they’re actually making it worse and doubling down on the ‘government can solve all our problems’ approach. I don’t think it will change much as the boomers move on because not only have they recruited a new generation but have rigged the system in their favor, i.e. here in CA where the public employee unions have so much clout they dictate who gets elected nearly guaranteeing and ever increasing flow of government money.

  7. If you’re referencing the Silent Generation, than yes, I fully concur. Some of the best people I’ve known were of the Silent Generation. Sadly, we’re losing their wisdom and their prudence. In many ways, they are very similar to GenX. Squeezed between two dominate generations with opposing outlooks and forced to deal with the mess… Too bad the Boomers didnt pay mind to their older peers. The Iraq /Afghanistan war and the massive debt accrued over the last 30 years may never have occurred. Imagine what 3trillion dollars would do for our nation if it had been invested in our future instead of devaluing it? I can. It would look a lot like CA circa 1930-1960. When we invested in our future, offered the finest education in the world and paid it forward to the next gen… Everything that allowed this state to flourish was built during that era. But then the Boomers came of age and power (1970’s) and the exact opposite began to unroll. No more investing, no more future. Just selfish enrichment and personal empowerment all while amassing unbearable debt to be laid on the feet of their great, great grand kids.

  8. They’ll write about us but it wont be to label us as greedy, myopic, selfish, yuppies who were gifted and then destroyed the greatest country in history. That is on you and your fellow Boomers. Universally hated, universally despised, The Boomers are without exception, the worst generation in American history. Too bad you were too dumb to see the opportunities and instead missed your chance at the good life. It must eat you up to look up at our houses on the hills while you drift asleep on your smelly old sailboat regretting a lifetime of poor choices…

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