Goleta Man Arrested After Making Threats

Update by edhat staff
8:00 p.m., September 23, 2019

A man was arrested by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office Monday evening after he threatened to blow up his Goleta apartment.

Sheriff’s Deputies responded to 5751 Encina Road where a barricaded man threatened anyone who tried to come inside his second-story apartment.

Around 6:40 p.m., the man was arrested after a SWAT team and hostage negotiator arrived on scene.

Law enforcement reported there was no evidence of an explosive device and drugs or alcohol may be a contributing factor.

Reported by Roger the Scanner Guy
6:12 p.m., September 23, 2019

Man barricaded in a home in the 5900 block of Encina Road in Goleta.


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  1. Encina Road (near Calle Real CVS) and the San Marcos High “thing” were two separate incidents. Miles apart. Near SMHS there were reports of gunshots in apartment complex near the High School (hence the lockout). At Encina, some man barricaded himself in his house.

  2. Sorry Roger, but the down voters didn’t win. It was the Nanny, deleted me for not appreciating the down voters………but the last straw was that they, EDHAT left the posts from the totally erroneous attack on me. I never dissed or ever insulted you yet they deemed it fitting to leave that crap from 5:58 and 5:59 am today up there. I’ve gladly covered or assisted you like 3 times in just a week. I don’t do it to see my name up here ( no one knows who I am anyway ). I do it because with my radios and 30′ ground plane antenna in the San Roque foothills I can get all transmissions and have a direct line to the repeaters so I can help when needed but I’m done with the negativity and personal attacks.

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