Four Suspects Arrested for Kidnapping and Assault

(Photos: John Palminteri / KEYT News)

Update by Santa Barbara Police Department

Quick Police Work Nets Four Suspects

On 12/12/18, at approximately 11 A.M., a vehicle burglary was interrupted by the victim as he returned to his parked vehicle at the Hendry’s Beach parking lot. The victim noticed suspicious behavior by the involved suspects, who were associated with a late-model Audi Q5. The victim glanced at the back of his camper shell and noticed the lock had been punctured by the suspects. The victim approached the SUV and observed the rear passenger door ajar. Upon confronting the rear occupant, a fight ensued. During the altercation, the rear occupant grabbed the victim and pulled him into the moving vehicle. The door closed and the Audi driver fled on Cliff Drive toward Las Positas Road with the victim held by the rear passengers against his will. While the fight inside the vehicle continued, the victim managed to open the door when the vehicle momentarily slowed.  The victim rolled out onto the street as the suspect vehicle continued towards 101 South. 

The victim called 911 and was able to provide a detailed description of the vehicle.  At approximately 11:12 A.M. near 700 West Carrillo Street, Santa Barbara Police officers caught up with a vehicle matching the description.  The Audi driver attempted to evade officers but eventually yielded to a traffic stop on the 101 South onramp at Carrillo Street.

The four suspects were taken into custody without further incident. They await charges including kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, and attempted burglary to the victim’s vehicle. Three of the four suspects were identified via fingerprint analysis as Yusset Aloma Gonzalez Astorga  (31 years), Jean Nahuelan Valladares (31 years), and Manuel Leiva Parra (23 years). The fourth subject identified herself as Yessenia Cortez (35 years) and is still awaiting a fingerprint return.

The investigation is ongoing and additional victims are being contacted.

Jean Nahuelan Valladares
Manuel Leiva Parra
Yessenia Cortez
Yusset Aloma Gonzalez Astorga

Reported by Roger the Scanner Guy
11:14 a.m., December 12, 2018

Code 207: Kidnapping and assault at Hendry’s Beach in the 2900 Block of Cliff Drive. The victim jumped out of the car said he was kidnapped.


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  1. Well you’re completely wrong here. Keyt showed the whole thing and they obviously did not know each other and he was an innocent victim from a gang of credit card thieves that leave the wallets and purses and hurry to charge up a bunch. They had already charged a bunch here from local burglaries. Try some other conspiracy theory.

  2. You state no one is worried about immigrants, legal or otherwise? What planet are you living on? I suggest you be the first to pay them the $50,000.00 each they are demanding for not being allowed quick entrance into this country. Perhaps you’d also like to pay for the free healthcare for illegal immigrants the newly introduced Democratic bill is proposing. Please, be my guest and you and Hollywood support them all. Racist? Xenophobe? Try calling me a realist. Perhaps if you had your car stolen, a couple of credit cards stolen and run up, and your business and home burglarized by legal Hispanic immigrants, like I have over the past few years, you might have a different attitude. Tell me if you would still support them as just good people gone astray by society had this happened to you. Do you think all those people who had their credit cards stolen by this group of four criminals still think they are just poor immigrants seeking a better life from their “horrible” country? You might want to read much of the news coming out of Santa Maria these days, too. Please, do yourself a favor and wake up. Quit ignoring the facts lest you become a victim of them.

  3. Yawn Bigone – nice try weaponizing nationality. The most violent crimes in this country are committed by US Citizens — and the Republican party takes away funding from any service that could actually help the issue.

  4. Actually, A-1544757137, they probably *are* illegal immigrants, using the same method as many others – come here legally on a visa, then overstay and never leave. Hence, illegal. What’s so hard to understand, señor?

  5. There is no such thing as a bad person. All human beings are good at our core. We just behave badly sometimes. Consider the parent-child analogy: “I love you Johnny but I don’t like how you are acting.” We are all loved unconditionally by the One who created us as good. Those of us who have gone off the rails need to get back to their true, good nature. No such thing as a bad person; rather an essentially good person acting badly.

  6. How naive. There are most definitely bad people in the world and in our town. To ignore the facts and their intent is simply foolish. Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. You’ll be less likely to be taken advantage of or hurt.

  7. “sometimes” implies that these people are usually, ‘normally’ law abiding people who are respectfull of others, and that in this case they were all tempted at the same time to do specific evils beyond their ability to resist. Anybody besides me take that the “sometimes” theory as an insult to human cognitive ability?

  8. I guess this is what they mean when they say we live in a Post-Truth era… There is a percentage people who are classified as sociopaths and psychopaths. No amount of positive thinking will change the fact that these people have no ability to empathize or sympathize. These people make up the majority of bad people who live among us. You know, like the list of local priests released yesterday who molested all those kids for decades? So while you are positive these are good men, they were just misunderstood, I am positive they are pure evil. I once read this is the difference between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives believe that man is inherently evil and need structure, rules and punishment to stay good. While liberals believe that man is inherently good, that those who bad were just mistreated, misunderstood and need love and kindness… Funny how nothing in nature is binary but people make these broad assumptions as if the world was either or…

  9. I’m a liberal who does not fit SantaBarbaraObserver’s theory. It’s an interesting thought, but sounds counter to what I’ve observed. Aren’t highly religious people more conservative, and don’t they tend to believe all people can be redeemed? I hope the victim of this crime is doing okay–awfully scary to be kidnapped.

  10. Illegal or not, visa or not, they are visitors to this country committing a crime. If you travel the world, you’ll understand the truth of immigration with other countries, and what we need to do to go through as Americans in many of these countries. If you commit a crime in many countries you will be severely punished. Malaysia was really scary, you better stay in line! I thought it was horrible when I was there how strict and the police presence, but when I come back here and see this broken system, it makes me understand And appreciate why these countries have their immigration, it allows for control, and in this mass chaotic society and overpopulation, that is necessary. It’s funny to reflect on going to some of those countries, and running on the streets with an American flag and demanding that they take care of me.

  11. Interesting they get identified as “South American citizens” on a tourist visa, but Mexican or Central Americans who come here illegally are called immigrants instead of Mexican or Central American citizens who violated US border laws.

  12. I continue to find it incredulous that the Democrats and other far-left citizens of California want to welcome illegal immigrants with open arms into our state. While I certainly don’t support Trump on most issues, he is spot-on when he asks if we really want people from these countries living here. Yes, I’m sure many are actually good, decent individuals, but many of these folks from down south have no respect for their own countries and treat the world as their personal trash can; what makes me want to believe they won’t have the same attitude when they get here? These four “South American Nationals” on tourist visas who tried to supply fake names and identification, evidently from other property they had stolen, have certainly proven that. Now we have to pay for their jail cells, legal proceedings, and all the other costs involved. Sure, they will be deported, but I’m sure they will be back as soon as they can, which virtually every other deported criminal from Mexico, Central, and South America has done. I used to be a moderate liberal, but I’m afraid I have swung to the right after watching all of these types of things over and over the past several years.

  13. Anyone crossing any border into a country illegally is committing a Crime! Which makes them a Criminal! They need to be handled as such. It’s called National Security! If you love your Freedom, Protect it! Once it’s Gone, You’ll Miss it! I know, I’ve seen it happen in other countries. NOT A GOOD THING! AS far as visas go, Extreme Vetting Is in order. To many people want to see America fall into total anarchy! WAKE UP AMERICA! It’s slippery slope!

  14. Dear 1544727692,
    Where in my comments did I directly call these four individuals illegal immigrants? I referred to them correctly as “South American Nationals” on tourist visas (yes, legally), who are now criminals and should be deported and are thus technically now here illegally. The fact they were even allowed visas speaks to flaws in our immigration system. An the fact they had to be identified through fingerprints leads me to suspect they must have had some type of criminal background from whatever “South American” country they came from. The illegal immigrants I mention was simply a digression on a larger topic. I’d suggest you don’t get too caught up in the semantics in many of these posts and understand that many citizens are concerned about the wave of both legal and illegal immigrants, visas or not, trying to get into California where they know they can avoid the First Law of Thermodynamics and get a free lunch. The citizens who I mention, myself included, fear the associated crime that will be inherent with unrestricted admittance and proper background checks of people from south of our border, and elsewhere, for that matter.

  15. Masterbozo – you said “from Mexico wit love” – YOU said that. You also said “one more reason to close the border” – YOU again said that. What I said was they were NOT from Mexico and they were here legally, so YOU are WRONG……..again. “Dugh!”

  16. BIGONE – it’s not “semantics,” it’s just false logic. This is not about illegal immigrants, so just stop. And no, NO one is worried about a “wave” of legal immigrants, well no one except the racists and xenophobes. Which one are you?

  17. Mattyboy – nice try bud. An “illegal immigrant” is someone who comes here, guess what…. “illegally.” Once you are here legally and then commit a crime, well, then you’re just a foreign criminal – like these bozos. It’s so simple to understand that it pains me to type the obvious meanings of basic English words.

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