Four Great Horned Owls at Garden Street Academy

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We spotted four great horned owls in and around our big redwood tree [Thursday] afternoon at Garden Street Academy. We usually only see two, but back in early May, we spotted three fledglings with one of their parents in the tree. As you can see, it’s now difficult to tell the offspring apart from their parents.

It’s a real treat for our students and staff to see these majestic raptors perched in the tree. They visit us most days, especially when skies are overcast in the mornings. Lucky observers occasionally get to witness them fly in and out of the tree. Silent, and knowing.


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  1. This is amazing! Great horned owls usually come back and nest in the same place if they have successful offspring. They are on the TOP of the raptor food chain as well which apparently is why all of the crows gather together for protection by the hundreds in the evenings during the great horned owl nesting/hunting season which is early Jan/Feb. So cool!!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Starting around 11pm on Saturday night with the city noise dying down, I believe I heard those owls while hanging out in my backyard. They may live at the Garden Street Academy, but at night they must move around to different trees nearby. I heard a steady hooting in the vicinity of Garden and Padre. Being a night time chihuahua walker, I’ll shorten my leash a little.

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