Fiesta Rodeo 2022

Photos by Fritz Olenberger

Fritz Olenberger shares photos of the annual Fiesta Stock Horse Show and Rodeo at the Earl Warren Showgrounds. Scroll through the photos up top and below

Fritz Olenberger

Written by Fritz Olenberger

Fritz Olenberger is a Santa Barbara based photographer. See more of his work at

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  1. BigUgly Do you eat beef or wear leather? Just curious because a rodeo is a showing of all the skills it takes to run the beef industry. I am a rancher. We treat animals with incredible care. These rodeo animals live the best, most well-cared for lives of any animals in the world. They are fed and vet checked and loved. I respect your opinion and you have a right to it but please know that that a rodeo is not some gladiator torture games on animals. It is the Vaquero skills that developed here in Alta Califonia at the height of the cattle history right here.

  2. Our Fiesta Rodeo is an excellent place to teach young and old alike how to treat animals respectfully and with dignity. There are a few who think exactly the opposite, to which I say they have every right to believe and express. One of my previous co-workers was one of those folks who used to stand outside Earl Warren with anti-rodeo protest signs, but then she’d go home to her captive cats and dog and think nothing of it. God bless the ranchers and those who keep livestock healthy and safe. A prize bull can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars (Feb 2020: Schaff Angus Valley ranch sold ‘SAV America’ for a staggering $1.51 million.”). So, go ahead, eat your carrots and peas, but let me and others eat beef-beef-beeeeeef. I don’t know how anyone can think a plate of perfectly cooked steak is a “bad” thing, but believe we are better off have a perfectly cooked plate of cabbage.

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