Faria Ranch Palm Tree Farm

By David Powdrell

So, here’s the deal…. I’m one of those guys that thinks that stately palm trees help define the beauty of California. The iconic blood red sunset behind a gently arched silhouetted palm tree could be our state postage stamp or among our most popular calendar images.    

On December 7, 2017 the Faria Ranch Palm Tree Farm in Ventura was one of the victims of the largest wildfire in California history, the Thomas Fire.  Hundreds of stately palm trees were charred, and farm equipment was destroyed. 

I spent some time at the farm last week with the intent of photographing colors and shapes of any new life that I might stumble into. 

Although most of the trees won’t recover, I’m happy to report that many of the trees will survive, albeit with jet black trunks.  Red badges of courage. 

I’m grateful for the healing power of nature.


Written by David Powdrell

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