Fake DoorDash Leads to Burglary in Hope Neighborhood

By an edhat reader

This past Saturday night between 7:45pm-8:04pm, our house was broken into by three individuals (one female and two males (age 20-25). 

The female walked up to our front door with a Doordash bag in her arms pretending to be a food delivery driver. Her intent was to see if anyone was home. She rang our doorbell and peaked inside. My video doorbell shows her standing in front of the door while the other two guys were creeping up and hiding outside of view. 

If anyone had been home to open the door, we would have been ambushed. During this time, we were at work. 

The two males went around to the back and opened my side gate. They opened a window from the back and climbed inside. The female stayed out front to be on the lookout and was communicating to the men on her phone. 

We came home from work to discover our house was ransacked and everything thrown all over the floors. All the drawers were ripped out and belongings thrown all over the place.

These people came in looking some quick money. They took all of our cash and valuables.

We called the police. They came out and did their thing. This kind of stuff is happening regularly and will continue to happen.

This is a reminder to all of you to reevaluate and beef up the security of your home. Be careful and safe!


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  1. My office was broken into and about $7,000 worth of valuables stolen. The burglar was injured coming through the window, with blood all over, but the SBSO refused to do a forensic blood analysis, saying, “This is not television. We don’t do that.” Well, pardon me for asking. I will just suck it up. Oh, what is that on your car door, “Protect and Serve”?

  2. government stimulus checks are running out so the takers of society who refuse to work are doing the next best thing to get money – since they know there will be no consequences – even if a LEO happened to see this crime in action that would probably stand down – since any attempt to intervene may cause some injury to the perps and result in major media backlash and potential lawsuits
    this is another byproduct of people having stimulus money to fund their laziness – you now have all of the food delivery drivers cruising through neighborhoods that in turn enables takers to blend in and do this type of crap – I wouldn’t be surprised if the perps needs to rob in order to pay for all of their Doordash food deliveries

    • ZERO – careful with attempting humor here. Most of the righties are so scared and serious all the time, they assume everyone else is as well. Boy oh howdy did I learn my lesson trying a little satire about the look of a boat yesterday. Man! Yeah, we need to know our audience here. Satire, humor, sarcasm, etc falls on intentionally deaf ear and myopic minds.

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