Edison’s Plan to De-Energize

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Southern California Edison will be turning off resident’s power under certain circumstances.  Below is the letter from Edison received on August 8th. They are announcing a meeting tonight (Wednesday, Aug 15) from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, at Earl Warren Showgrounds. 


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  1. I don’t blame them one bit for turning off the power in high fire areas during extreme weather events. Reduces liability on numerous fronts and allows for safe working conditions for firefighters and other first responders. It’s a win win!

  2. Evacuating in the dark will be awesome, not. I actually see INCREASED liability as a potential from shutting off our power in the hours leading up to a fire. Not everyone gets reverse 911 calls on their cellphones.

  3. Light winds do not equate to the extreme fire conditions they are referring to and limiting this program to. Nor could they ever feasibly argue this (and would run afoul of government regulations applicable to this type of utility)

  4. I evacuated in the dark once. You should have flashlights and such living here. We were able to evacuate. Also, Costco sells motion sensor nighlights that give off a bright flashlight type light when power goes out. Also living in this area, you should definitely be signed up for alerts on your phone. You have the responsibility to prepare yourself, not rely on everyone else.

  5. “Not rely on everyone else” – hahahah! Yeah, expecting to have electricity is so needy and un-self reliant. What a joke. Look, I’m ready – got flashlights, cell phone alerts, etc, but a lot of the elderly folks aren’t as up to speed on modern technology or as quick on their feet to evac during absolute darkness. Way to think of yourself though. Bravo!

  6. Yeah, really brave to anonymously downvote comments that are standing up for the elderly. But it’s not just the elderly, there are many vulnerable members of our society that would be put at greater risk of harm if the power was cut every time SCE determined there was a risk of fire. Try to think about others, folks!

  7. Newsflash: literally millions of people live without electricity. Household electricity wasn’t even a common thing until the mid-1920’s. How ever did people live? Lolz. Way to sound completely entitled and so classically Millennial.

  8. Some of these selfish comments are so disheartening. Having spent almost 3 months in southern India, where the power regularly goes off at random times during the afternoon for conservation, we are so lucky here. Here, SCE is trying to do something to not only protect its equipment, but protect citizens from a fire raging out of control due to electrical sparks during high winds and people are complaining about not having electricity for a bit until winds subside. Really. This is why third world country travel should be required to keep your citizenship. Grow up already.

  9. And for those using “the elderly” as pawns in their complaining, what have you done for any elderly lately? Are you going to help any or have you offered to help during an outage? What are you doing for your parents to make sure they know what is going on and how to handle an outage? The elderly in India fared just fine.

  10. So SCE gets sued for the Thomas Fire – lots of people applauded that (though i’m not sure plaintiffs will be successful, for many reasons). They then take this action to mitigate their liability, considering it takes time to do any upgrades especially now that weather patterns have changed, etc. (plus, you should read up on the true requirements they must meet – they pretty much met them and Thomas Fire winds were a freak event that no one could have predicted). And people now complain. See how lawyers really mess up society? They create this type of thing. Can’t have it both ways folks. Seriously, read up on what is required and the law and you will see that SCE is within their rights to do this. Maybe people should have been more understanding regarding the Thomas Fire freak events that caused things to blow up rather than looking for the deep pocket.

  11. This policy will cause problems when first responders try to send alerts and warnings. Power outages will only exacerbate the emergency. Why not just maintain the power line infrastructure??? Trim vegetation along power easements. Create a proper defensible space. It’s the same thing required of property owners.

  12. How is Edison, maybe in rare circumstances, turning off power to protect from sparking and causing a wildfire, acting like a third world country? If anything, a third world country wouldn’t bother to worry. I think the point is, so many are so spoiled and selfish they can’t see past their own noses.

  13. Using elderly “as pawns???” What is wrong with you? How can you be so adamantly opposed to the idea of not turning off power during high risk fire conditions that you would accuse those who want the power to stay on of fabricating or somehow falsifying their arguments by “using the elderly?” Seriously, that is disturbing.

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