Edhat Publisher Discusses Comments on Newsmakers

By Jerry Roberts

New TV: Cops, Kids, Pols and Trolls

Edhat owner and publisher Lauren Bray joins the panel in the latest episode of “Newsmakers TV,” offering some up-close-and-personal perspective on the recent spate of moves by news organizations, in Santa Barbara and beyond, to terminate the public comment feature on online stories, as she covers the ways and means that she and her team use to monitor and manage trolls. Nick Welsh reports on real-life impacts on the lives of real people of the deliberations now ongoing over the $1 billion county budget, Laura Capps talks about the fall-out following her op-ed, posted on Politico, about the non-family friendly policies of Congress, and then the gang gossips about campaigns, from Sheriff to City Council and School Board. All here, right now. 

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Edhat Staff

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  1. Most revealing comment was Angry Poodle Nick Welch admitting he misses the feedback on his columns now that the Independent allows no comments. They were a way of keeping a finger on the pulse of the community, warts and all in our often far too monolithic “progressive” town.

  2. Very interesting discussion, thanks for posting. My personal feeling is the ugly comments just come from unhappy people who want to make others feel uncomfortable too. For the most part, Edhat comments are often positive. And, educational when someone asks a question and can get answers; like identifying a bird or bug, wondering where to get carpets cleaned, etc. Or, giving information to add to what is posted.

  3. I agree Flicka! I’ll admit, I’m guilty of sometimes shooting down trolls with a little too much vitriol, and have been deleted for going off topic/commenting on site policies a few times, but I turn to Edhat first for all my local news and have learned a great deal from some commenters. I hope we can keep it as (mostly) positive and helpful as possible!

  4. Oh yeah…. well, the thing is I recall accusing you of being untruthful about something else, can’t remember, but it was not about PTSD. I never said you didn’t have it. You made some pretty mean remarks to others and I was just sticking up for them. I don’t dish out what isn’t deserved.

  5. I have trolled on occasion after being trolled there is someone posting in this thread though that goes undercover to “Down and Dirty” Isn’t it funny how handles are revealed when one is put in the penalty box? lol

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