Downtown Parking Fees Could Increase to $3 Per Hour

Downtown Santa Barbara Parking Lot #10 (edhat file photo)

By the edhat staff

Santa Barbara City may soon consider another increase to downtown parking rates amid a budget deficit.

During the city’s Finance Committee meeting last week, a proposal was discussed to raise the parking fee from $2.50 per hour to $3.00 per hour with the free parking limit reduced from 75 minutes to 60 minutes. Additionally, the recommendation includes an increase of the daily maximum fee to $33 and $5 increase to monthly passes.

The change could generate approximately $2.7 million in annual revenue and help balance the $2.9 million deficit.

The council already increased prices last summer from $1.50 per hour to the current $2.50 rate. 

New programs were proposed that include weekend permits of $100 for six months, special event or festival passes of $75, and an annual $500 fee to businesses for them to offer subsidized or validated parking.

These proposals will be included in a staff report and next be presented to the City Council.

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  1. $3 and reducing it to 60 minutes will be the final nail in the coffin for downtown retail and dining. Good luck and good bye…
    kinda pathetic that our Council just caters to the tourists and ignores the people that support and live here. $3 an hour is outrageous when we are paying close to 9% in sales tax, over priced EVERYTHING and now over priced parking.
    Now you’ll really have to ask yourself, is it worth it? $3 an hour or face a $35 fine. Yeah welcome to shopping in Santa Barbara.

    • 3 DV, cool. Ok, you go ahead and pay $3 per hour and come to our lovely downtown shopping district. We have the 99C store! We have Marshalls! We have….uh….$7 per scoop ice cream! Uhm…..we have endless entertainment featuring the guy on the corner talking to the trash can, the lady with her butt hanging out of her pants yelling at no one in particular. We have…a few movie theaters that are vacant always. Yeah come to SB! Ripe with shopping!

  2. I disagree with the idea that State St has “Gone to the Birds” or any hyperbole like that. I still go there and enjoy it. That said, Zekew isn’t entirely wrong about “dodging human waste” and hearing crazy people threaten the wind (if you’re lucky) or you (if you’re not). Especially in the evening when it’s not as crowded.
    We do need to clean State St up. Business and tourism revenue is what allows us to fund support for those in need, like it or not. Yes, everyone’s allowed to be somewhere, with dignity. No, we can’t allow camping / sleeping / loitering with shopping carts in the main tourist walk. That’s a pretty terrible approach, no matter what your politics. In any case, now is NOT the time to be tightening the noose on parking or in other ways for the businesses there. We need to SUPPORT them and help them survive. If more businesses leave, it’ll spiral. We’re in a precarious spot right now… act with care.

  3. We have to fund the salaries and benefits for the City’s large staff first. Then, if there is any $ left, we fund the services to the tax-payers. If there isn’t enough $ then we raise the taxes and fees. Remember that the government is no longer “of the people, by the people, for the people” as Lincoln stated. It’s now a self-propagating entity for entrenched bureaucrats . We voters/taxpayers only pay the bills.

  4. I walk the waterfront Dailey. I have been visiting with those who come toSB on ships. More and more are disappointed with Santa Barbara. A woman from Italy told me how excited they were to come here, she had been here 15 years ago and loved t,she was followed and harassed by a probably homeless person and very disappointed that so many places were closed and s he said if I wanted to drink I would just stay on the ship their ba rs are beautiful,she won’t be back and word gets around. We do depend on tourists like it or not.sad to see sb going down while prices for us to stay here go up.

    • MEBK, i spend a lot of time down there too and have done the same thing. I always make it a point to chat up the cruise passengers for their take on things, because what Mike the waterfront manager and the City say is so untrue that it’s laughable at best.
      Where is your retail? Why are there so many crazy people here? Why are there so many poor people here? Why is that guy yelling at the ground (@ Fig tree)? You only have Marshalls and the 99C store??? True comments from various cruise ship passengers. I’ve also got laughs when i asked them if they came for dining or drinks. Same response, it’s all aboard….we paid for it already. Met a group from Germany that had been here about 20 years ago. Asked what happened to the city. Most if not all have also commented on the closeur of State Street. Agreeing it’s not a good idea and seems to congest traffic on other roads and prevents people from seeing State street like they should and used to be able to take the trolly up and down State. Sorry guys. our city council loves to screw up things for us and you.

  5. Downtown used to always be our 1st choice. Now when we want to meet people for a meal or a movie, rather than pay $5 ( or more! ) to park we meet in Goleta….. Shortening the time for free parking is just putting another nail in the coffin of dying downtown business 🙁

  6. They operated fine for decades with no increases in fees. Reducing the Free Time is an insult to the locals that depend on having available parking for business, meals, and shopping. IT’S CALLED GREED! Quick fixes such as this, will have negative long term effects. I won’t pay that much for parking!!

  7. I like space, not to be packed next to others, EXCEPT that having empty movie theaters is the proverbial handwriting on the wall: these theaters will soon up and leave. Metropolitan Theatres must be bleeding money that could be better spent on other developments such as the one they did next to the Arlington, the luxury Arlington Village. ….Is that what _our_ city council wants, more luxury apartments and condos on State Street?

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