Dog Rescued from Drainpipe on UCSB Campus

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By edhat staff

Santa Barbara County Firefighters rescued a dog that was believed to be trapped in a storm drain on UC Santa Barbara's campus for three days.

At 12:57 p.m. Wednesday, firefighters received a report of a dog trapped under Mesa Road in between Los Carneros and Stadium Way at UCSB. Fire crews determined a dog was indeed trapped in an 18-inch drainpipe and performed a confined space rescue.

They located the dog and used a charged hose line to coax it to the other side where a firefighter was waiting, although they did not turn the hose on or use any water. The firefighter was able to greet the dog and bring it to the surface within twenty minutes.

The 10-15 pound dog is a 2-year-old mix named Sophie, who had been missing for approximately thirty days, was reunited with her owner. Firefighters believe Sophie was trapped in the drain for the past two to three days.

Photo: Mike Eliason/SBCFD
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winter Jul 15, 2020 07:36 PM
Dog Rescued from Drainpipe on UCSB Campus

Thank you firefighters !!! Amazing....
On another dog topic....
Just saw Orlando Bloom / Katy Perry dog ,Mighty, is missing from Montecito, today. I am
Not great with Instagram...has pictures..maybe folks can help ? Cute , maybe cock a poo color

Goodland Momma Jul 16, 2020 05:05 PM
Dog Rescued from Drainpipe on UCSB Campus

Oh - what a great ending to this story! Thank you firefighters! Hope Sophie gets a warm bath, some treats and lots of snuggles with her owners tonight : )

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