Divine Craft Donut Shop in Downtown Santa Barbara

Divine Craft Donut Shop in Downtown Santa Barbara title=
Divine Vegan & Gluten Friendly Donuts (Photo: Bonnie Carroll)
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By Bonnie Carroll

While visiting the library in downtown Santa Barbara I discovered the inviting newly opened Hook & Press Donut Shop on Figueroa Street. Located at what was once a Jeannine’s Restaurant. The color scheme and “ice-cream parlor” style has a charming ambiance. The staff is helpful, and the chic bites to enjoy with sophisticated beverages are an exciting surprise. The renowned donuts of Hook & Press are now available in this beautiful new home in downtown Santa Barbara.

I was delighted to find a few donuts that were vegan and gluten conscious, and the original flavors of their donuts could make your mouth water. My choice was the rose’ donut that did taste like a rose and was vegan and gluten conscious; it was a perfect choice to savor with their delicious iced Jasmin tea. However, their variety of luscious donuts can also be enjoyed with champagne, one of my favorite rose’ wines produced by local winemaker Doug Margerum, specialty waters, pressed juices, and a variety of coffee and tea favorites.

Owner, Denisse Salinas, shared that she and her partner John Burnett are so happy to finally be open after a long renovation and struggling with pandemic changes. She indicated that Hook & Press would now be serving additional food items for breakfast and lunch. Visit the site for great breakfast and lunch items on their menu at http://www.hookandpressdonuts.com/menu.

Denisse Salinas (Photo: Bonnie Carroll)

While I was enjoying my colorful and delicious donut, two separate women came in from local organizations to make advance orders for their upcoming charitable events. To be sure, these are not your ordinary fast-food donuts. They are unique creations and may seem a little pricey for some, but they are outstanding and proof of the old idiom that quality supersedes quantity.

Hope you can treat yourself to one of these sweet delights soon and pair it with a fine wine, delicious coffee, or healthy pressed juice. It is a special escape from the maddening crowd on your way to or from the Santa Barbara Museum of Art or Santa Barbara Library; a special place where you can revel in your own secret epicurean adventure. Hours M-F 7-4 and S-S 8-4. 75-minute free parking in Lot #7.

HOOK & PRESS Craft Donuts with Coffee, 15 E. Figueroa, 805-869-6636

Hook & Press Rose' Donut with Iced Jasmin Tea (Photo by Bonnie Carroll)

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a-1653715473 May 27, 2022 10:24 PM
Divine Craft Donut Shop in Downtown Santa Barbara

I have no reason to go downtown or near downtown, except maybe Opal.
So Earl Grey cake donuts were a siren song. Though I say that about going out to eat, I haven't n years. Not even the pandemic, just that it and physical issues reinforced my hermit ways. Good luck to them.

YepSB May 27, 2022 08:20 PM
Divine Craft Donut Shop in Downtown Santa Barbara

We finally sampled this last weekend. I will shoot down overpriced "boutique" treats without hesitation if they don't deliver on their price tag. These are worth the splurge. They are "all that" in my opinion.

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