Deceptive Election Scam?

By the edhat staff

My wife got this false and deceptive text message on her local SB number.

We notified County and State elections offices, and hope agents to track down the culprits. Has anyone else had this problem?


Written by BillW

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  1. It does not make sense that the GOP would send this message out, but if they did, shame on them. Equally as disturbing is that the DNC has spent over $50,000,000 (yes, fifty million) promoting GOP candidates across the country.
    – Amy Klobuchar: “Not a big fan of Democrats spending on GOP candidates.”
    – CNN: Jake Tapper questions Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chair Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) about his party supporting far-right Republican candidates in the primaries.
    – Kari Lake? C’mon!!!
    So, yeah….%*it happens, but spending money on “the other guy” takes the cake!!!

    • Red_Creek: If what you are saying is true, then I hope these outlets will retract their stories/reports:
      – NYT (July 2022): Democrats spending millions promoting far-right GOP candidates….
      – MSNBC (Oct. 2022): Democrats boosting far-right Republicans could backfire……
      – The Guardian (Oct. 2022): Democratic strategists have spent millions of dollars to aid extremists, on the theory they’ll be easier to defeat in the general election…..
      – Washington Post (Sept. 2022): Democrats have spent nearly $19 million across eight states in primaries this year amplifying far-right Republican candidates who have questioned or denied the validity of the 2020 election…..
      – OpenSecrets (July 2022): Political groups and nonprofits aligned with the Democratic Party have spent nearly $44 million on advertising campaigns across five states’ Republican primaries to boost the profile of far-right candidates in California, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Maryland.

    • Babycakes. The Democrats spent $53,000 on one race to defeat Peter Meijer, an incumbent Republican in Michigan, in order to promote John Gibbs, a Trump promoted candidate. The other b.s. (19 million! 50 million!) you are reading on the internet or hearing on “new” channels is incorrect. Gibbs has a 31% chance of winning. Both parties have spent billions on their candidates, but Republicans keep pushing the Gibbs lie.

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