COVID-19 Cases at Peabody Charter School

By an edhat reader

Peabody charter has had a handful of covid cases today. Causing disruptions and chaos. Kids were sent home.

Please keep your children home if they are sick! If you traveled for the holidays, understand you may be bringing it back with you.

Its affected 2 4th grade classes and the 6th grade class so far. 8-15 students sent home today.( not sure of final tally )


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  1. Look, it seems like everyone has it. I came down with something last week, bad sinuses, sore throat, and still some lingering symptoms. I am fully vaxxed and boosted. No one else in my family got any symptoms. Who knows if it’s Covid, hard to even get tested. You are likely going to get this at this point period and if you’re vaxxed it’s basically a bad cold. I spoke to someone today who is positive, said almost everyone he knows seems to have it now and are vaxxed. Just relax and take precautions, it’s all you can do we have to learn to live with this now.

  2. I enjoy your cherry picking and interpretation of CDC data. Its amusing.
    Now, if you actually read what you wrote. You known its wednesday, kids have been back since monday. Two days ago…….. right in that “window” of contagiousness.
    In the end, it doesnt matter what you interpret or what I think, the school has rules in order to remain OPEN. That was to test if you traveled, keep kids home if sick. Pay attention to the family members you visited over holidays, they got sick? You were exposed! How is this rocket science

  3. There are 5 viruses that cause “colds”. Among them, 325 variants. One of them is HCoV-OC43. Guess what? That’s A CORONAVIRUS which causes 15-20% of common colds. Always has. Now add SARS CoV-2 B.1.1.529. That’s Omicron. Here’s a possible win-win: if you’re vaccinated for covid-19, you may also be at least somewhat protected from HCoV-OC43. You may not get 20% of common colds. You’ll just have to deal with the other 80%. Let’s not forget rhinovirus (50% of colds) and its 200 or so variants. Or the RSV virus, which can seriously affect kids. 58,000 are hospitalized with RSV pneumonia every year. Moderna is working on the vaccine which may be approved this year.
    So. how do you tell them apart? You don’t. You cannot. All the same symptoms. You can test, but the rapid antigen test is wrong 58% of the time. It is wrong nearly 100% of the time if you test at the wrong time. So, whatever anyone tells you, you simply cannot with any reliability tell if your sniffles are Omircon cold, or HCoV-OC43 cold, or rhino cold. And if you are vaccinated and otherwise healthy, does it matter?
    Then there’s influenza. Pretty much the same symptoms when mild and you’re vaccinated. Just like Covid. You can have a fever and more body aches sometimes. Just like Covid. So what is it that you have? You can get tested and if done correctly, you might be able to figure it out. Does it matter?
    It’s “colds and flu season”, people. See how great your masks are working? The best thing you can do is stay home if you don’t feel well until you do again. Rest. Drink. Don’t sneeze or cough on others. If you absolutely must go out, wear a N95 and wear it correctly. Just forget your pretty cloth masks. They don’t work.
    Needs some references: or

  4. May want to rethink boosters for young healthy people with strong immune systems. Their already mild symptoms can be so mild they aren’t noticeable and the person continues to go out, not even knowing they’re sick, and spread spread spread. Asymptomatic transmission was rare at first, as a result of the vaccines and Omicron, well we’re finding out.

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