County Seeks to Hire Hot Springs Trail Assistants

By the edhat staff

The County’s Community Services Department is seeking to hire two trail assistants at Hot Springs to communicate rules and contact authorities for any emergencies.

This position is important in promoting better relations between trail users and residents near the trail, and a part of the County’s responsibility protecting the public safety of both groups, according to the County.


It’s a non-permanent position established on a temporary basis to meet peak loads, unusual work situations, seasonal and recurrent work, intermittent assignments, or emergencies. It pays $23.00 – $25.00 per hour.

Other examples of duties include notifying visitors of high fire risks and parking restrictions, monitoring the trailhead, giving warnings and the option to issue citations after receiving the appropriate training, complete incident reports and track trail use data, and remove debris and litter.

More details on the position can be found here.

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  1. Well-intentioned, but misses the key points.
    1) Property owners have illegally placed boulders in the public right of way, creating a hazard
    2) Law enforcement refused to do its job of enforcing the public right of way
    3) The fire chief lied and claimed that certain parking spaces created a fire access hazard.
    4) A judge lied and claimed that the County was creating a “parking plan” that needed environmental review. Another judge backed up this lie with more lies.
    There are already volunteers who keep the area clean and safe. The solution is simple: Remove the illegally placed boulders that have created a hazard. Send the bill to the property owners. Fine them for their ongoing illegal behavior.
    Problem solved. Net income instead of expense to the County. Oh. We also need to get rid of all judges and officials who seem to be bowing to moneyed special interests.
    Hurray for Das Williams for standing up for the public interest.

  2. Hello, and welcome to the Hot Springs Adventure Experience brought to you by the City of Santa Barbara.
    My name is Trevor, and this is my partner Tiffany, and we will be your adventure escorts for today.
    I notice you have shoes, that’s so totally thoughtful of you.
    Oh, and water too – Evian!
    And a whole bottle of it!
    How chic in a retro kind of way.
    Bet you were really into the ’90s huh?
    I know, Blink 182 fer sure.
    No judgements, no judgements.
    So, tell me about yourself, what do hope to achieve today?
    Are you here to engage with Naturrrrrr?
    Seeking a pure Instagram moment?
    Not to be too forward, but you do have that influencer air about you know.
    It is?
    I so knew it – you want that sunset pic with your hair all aglow.
    How wonderful of you to think about your followers so deeply.
    Okay, next question – do you really really need to actually, you know, walk up there what with dirt and rocks and sticker bushes and all that nature stuff?
    Or, would it be better if Tiffany and I carried you up on this hammock and we’ll even hold the light ring for you while you shoot your selfies!
    Oh goody!
    We’ll do it!

    • funny, clearly the same persons downvoted all of us. I bet its some whiner that lives near the trail. let me be clear. the trail has existed centuries prior to your home being purchased next to a popular trail that is used by anyone and everyone. but yet you still bought it thinking you could roll boulders in the way of parking and trail access. you still cry foul when people legally hike the trails and park on streets paid for and owned by all of us. you still complain with dozens of people show up on a sunny saturday morning to hike with their families and dogs. but you bought the property knowing this. sounds like a YOU problem and not a ME problem. I’ll continue to hike that trail as much as i like. i’ve hiked that trail and biked it since 1982.

  3. What a waste.
    More local tax money going to a problem that only exists because tourists want a view without the responsibility.
    What happens the first time someone is hurt or worse?
    Ae they supposed to stop people from going into the front country when there is not enough time to go up and back?
    Are these 2 people supposed to judge someone’s fitness and timing for said hike?
    I see water stations at first and then like very other feel good project, the promises will never be fulfilled long term.
    This is a no going back kind of thing.
    If the average person is to stupid they can’t figure figure out what they for need hiking, then they should not take it on.
    “Last hike of the day” with a loudspeaker?
    Seems they are taking on a large problem and trying to fix it bureaucrat style.
    Lawsuit against the county, that’s what will happen.
    These first 2 employees will just be the the start.
    Why don’t we just pay someone to escort tourists to the look-outs?

  4. Robert, sorry, but there is no county right of way that allows the public to simply park cars on someone’s private property. That is hilarious. If your hypothesis were true, does that mean I can park on someone’s front yard (within the right of way easement) when I can’t find a regular parking spot…say, downtown or when I’m grocery shopping and the lot is full?
    The trails are open! Ride your bike, walk, run, car pool. If the available spots or full, find somewhere else!

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