County Jail COVID-19 Outbreak Decreases to Five Active Cases

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Source: Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office

The number of active COVID-19 cases in the Main Jail outbreak has decreased to single digits. As of [Monday], October 4, 2021, there are five remaining active COVID-19 cases associated with the outbreak that was detected in late August. There have been a total of 90 cases in this outbreak, with 84 having recovered, and one inmate released from custody. All COVID-19 positive inmates are consistently monitored by healthcare staff.

At the request of the Sheriff’s Office and Santa Barbara County Public Health, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) will be assigning resources to the Main Jail beginning [Tuesday]. CDPH will be assisting with ongoing COVID-19 testing for the inmate population.

As the cases in this outbreak decline, the Sheriff’s Office remains steadfast in maintaining screening procedures and use of personal protection equipment in the Main Jail facility as suggested by County Public Health.

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