Cool Prius

By an edhat reader

I saw this bumper sticker on a Prius in my neighborhood and couldn’t help but laugh. It reads:

“Cool Prius!”
– Nobody


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  1. Or… or….. and just hear me out…. get a motorcycle! 40mpg WHILE having tons of power, get to split lanes so traffic is never an issue, parking is MUCH easier, and paid parking downtown is free for bikes, you look like a badass and feel like one too!
    But yeah, that 50mpg must be nice….

  2. Well, I will have to admit that I drive a Prius, and on the freeway I go way over 65, and I do follow the posted speed limit in town. And on long trips sometimes the car gets over 65mpg. Even around town it gets over 50. It’s comfortable and has lots of room for luggage and bags of potting soil and whatever. The only thing I don’t like about it is the side visibility in the front. I have long ceased trying to be cool!

  3. Oh good, the humorless commenters are up early today! It’s funny because everyone makes fun of how ugly Prius’ are, etc. etc. So this driver is making fun of themselves with the sticker. “Cool Prius, said nobody.” I think it’s funny.

  4. I saw this a few weeks ago. I do think it’s pretty cool that my 12-y.o. Prius gets 47.1 mpg. Those of us who are old enough to remember the odd/even license plate gas rationing years in the 1970’s really appreciate the good mileage!

  5. Right!? Lol
    I have a Prius. No one laughs when I’m at the pump filling up for under $32, which usually lasts ne 10 days to 2 weeks… you hatin’ fools can keep your i-cant-even-rev-my-engine-to-intimidate-a-prius-owner-without-blowing-away-20-dollars-on-spot, gas chugging, polluting, take up 2 parking spots suv’s. 😀

  6. Prius drivers consistently park badly. For some reason it seems to be incredibly difficult for them to stay in between the lines. They either have poor visibility or Prius drivers simply don’t care how they park. It’s already so ugly what’s a few door dings?

  7. I agree with EVERYTHING you said. Motorcycling is about being responsible; to yourself and to others. It’s too bad. We have some of the best year round riding… imagine substituting half of the cars in town with courteous, responsible riders…. pipe dream, I know…

  8. Oh… Prius cars are great. As long as you have a “gas guzzling” larger SUV to 1) carry multiple kids and their enormous carseats, or 2) use as a temporary get-away car or home to store all your stuff, kids and animals during an evacuation/disaster which are happening with increasing frequency, or 3) Need to be up higher above the road surface during torrential rains when flooding occurs or huge big rigs are spitting waves of water at you from their tires, or 4) need better protection when traveling to LA area where road aggression and accidents are commonplace, 5) Want to go on a camping trip with your whole family, 6) want to pull a boat/uhaul/trailer, etc. 7) Want to have an operable car during an EMP attack or “planned” electrical outage, 8) Want to take your visiting relatives sightseeing in 1 car or to the airport w/luggage, or 9) want to haul stuff for your garden project… ETC ETC… In other words, if you want to live like an independent American who enjoys a full life, feels safe and is resourceful on their own without a nanny-government doing everything for you… Keep your larger automobiles and trucks. Wake me up when another alternative becomes affordable. Right now the alternatives just don’t cut it for my humble family lifestyle.

  9. RWELSH, you’ve obviously not driven or researched a Prius in the past fifteen years. Some of what you say is true about the first generation models of the late nineties which were basically a cobbled together rework of a bargain basement Echo with a cool engineer’s toy of a power train. 21st century versions of the Prius are great cars. While I think the latest version is ugly, they are economically ideal in stop and go traffic, they have a safe and comfortable cabin, and drive very nicely. While I’m kinda a pickup/SUV kind of guy, I always love getting a Prius as a rental when traveling, especially to an urban area.

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