Climate Rally at UC Santa Barbara

By Marian Shapiro

Students from UCSB Environmental Affairs Board and Sunrise Movement Santa Barbara  co-sponsored a Halloween-themed climate rally and march on Friday (October 22) along with the Society of Fearless Grandmothers-SB, Santa Barbara Community Action Network (SBCAN), 350 SB and Women’s March SB.

Global warming threatens the future of young people all over the world. UCSB students say, “Halloween should be scary, not our future,” so they are rising up to send the message to elected officials and adults in power: take action NOW to meet the climate emergency. They have a particular message for Governor Newsom: STOP approving new fossil fuel projects. And for California electeds: STOP taking fossil fuel donations!  and No Climate-No Deal!  

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  1. 11:51, I fear you may be correct. The he standard for f living in this country has been declining for several decades. The coming price inflation will likely squeeze the finances of most Americans. Unfortunately, this type of hardship has historically led to bad outcomes. I really hope we can turn things around. People should get paid more to work, and people should be able to afford more. It looks like we are heading I. The wrong direction and I hope we can change course.

  2. Climate change deniers are doing the work of the profiteers that don’t care about the lives of working people. For example, to suggest that the price of a gallon of gas is not manipulated and controlled by these corporations is naive. They control markets and the economy in general. In order for ordinary people to get back to a decent place they have to rebel against the power of these folks which is evident in everything from popular social media to the liberal press to the right wing blogs. Organize and understand that they cannot “get ahead” by denying the progress of their compatriots. Unfortunately the same puppet masters (Facebook et al) have infiltrated their world view and they do not pay attention to reason or history.

  3. I expect this sentiment against fossil fuels is going to shift rapidly in the other direction as prices rise. It’s easy for wealthy elites to support price increases, but it takes a toll on the rest of us. For those who barely earn enough to pay their bills, the coming price increases will be particularly painful. Gasoline, electricity, and natural gas prices are going through the roof thanks to our anti-energy policies. These rising energy costs will help drive up the costs of all products. The result will hopefully be a shift in voter sentiment and government policy to help reduce the cost of energy and improve our standard of living.

  4. Face it – no matter how hard you try to whataboutit, the use of petroleum and coal products for fuel is a dangerous failed technology of the ignorant past, and if we want the planet to be habitable for humans, we have to stop doing it.

  5. Again you do it.
    You have no actual argument except to deflect, blame, obscure and NEVER come up with a real solution.
    If having an agenda means refuting BS when I hear it then that IS my agenda.
    Children should listen to the wisdom of their elders.

  6. Please define “failed technology” and how it applies to using fossil fuels. I’m finding more and more a lot of these disagreements or misunderstandings are the result of simply creating new definitions for words that are more commonly and historically defined differently.

  7. The positive consequences got us through the industrial revolution and basically paved the way for the modern era. If it isn’t wasn’t for fossil fuels our lives and society of today wouldn’t be recognizable. The number of lives we can provide for on this earth would be significantly smaller if not for fossil fuels. So the billions of people alive today who wouldn’t may argue they’re a positive consequence of fossil fuels. Now do “entire lifetime” , because you are also not using that with its customary definition.

  8. CHICO – again, I didn’t come here to offer a solution or even an argument. I came to point out hypocrisy, and that is all. Then, when you asked me my “agenda,” I answered. Stop pouting like a child and accept that my answer as obviously different from yours.

  9. I expect that Chip will be wrong about this as he is wrong about everything … a consequence of extraordinary ignorance and a complete lack of intellectual integrity. Global warming and the resulting climate change are observable fact. The rise of prices of fossil fuels of course does not lead to sentiments in favor of fossil fuels but rather to increased demand for cheaper alternatives. Europe has higher prices at the pump but far more anti-fossil fuel sentiment.

  10. With today’s extended power outage in downtown, I think I’ll stock up on firewood, batteries, and candles. I guess EV owners are losing out on valuable charging time if their batteries are low. This is a foreshadowing of times to come as California ditches reliable generating capacity for unreliable, intermittent, and inadequate alternative energy such as solar and wind. They are good as supplemental sources, but as primary sources they have severe short comings.

  11. Sac-You seem to latch onto anything to further your agenda,(whatever that is)
    You give people here s#$% here constantly about “whataboutism” when it suits YOUR need.
    Your foolishness is showing.
    Go peddle crazy somewhere else.

  12. CHICO – My agenda is simple. I like living on a clean planet and want my kids and grandkids to be able to enjoy that too. What’s YOUR agenda? Further, pointing out hypocrisy in red herring comments is not whataboutism, it’s pointing out hypocrisy. Actually, these comments about how many cars, etc, ARE whataboutism. Instead of directly refuting the pro-earth, anti-do nothing stance of these students, OOPS and Sail spin it to try to attack their character and mislead the argument.

  13. Green energy would be great for West Virginia residents if Manchin and other politicians in the deep red state would give it a chance. West Virginia’s reliance on coal is becoming more and more of a hardship. Many West Virginia homeowners are paying more in electricity per month than they are for their mortgage. Thanks coal!

  14. Yet again this topic immediately switches to pollution; from climate change. Yes, sacjon we all like a clean planet. Start picking up and preventing trash, because we as a nation seem to have lost our former don’t be a litterbug ethic. Climate change on the other hand is in the hands of God. Think global, but act locally. Start picking up all those discarded face masks first. Ugly.

  15. VOICE – the whataboutism here, is complaining about people driving cars to climate change rallies. Yeah, I flipped the scrip so call it what you want. Really don’t care. My point is valid and stands. You still mad about Newsom’s dinner?

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