Carbajal Touts Inflation Action Plan, Unveils Central Coast Inflation Resource Guide

Source: Office of Rep. Salud Carbajal

[On Tuesday], Congressman Salud Carbajal highlighted the new Inflation Action Plan crafted through his work with the New Democrat Coalition (NDC) in the U.S. House, emphasizing its policy solutions that will cut costs for Central Coast families, while also unveiling his new Central Coast Inflation Resource Guide.

The multi-pronged action plan was created through collaboration of Rep. Carbajal and members of the NDC’s Inflation Working Group in consultation with key economists, policy experts, and administration officials to develop and advance solutions to tackle short- and long-term inflationary pressures.

“I know that Central Coast families are feeling the sting of high prices at the gas pump and grocery store—and I know this urgent problem requires urgent solutions,” said Rep. Carbajal. “That’s why I have been working with my colleagues in Congress and the Biden Administration, as well as economists and policy experts to identify concrete solutions to provide Americans with relief in the short-term and keep inflation down in the long-term. I’ll continue doing everything in my power to lower prices and create a strong, steady, stable economy for Americans today and for future generations.”

Rep. Carbajal also unveiled [Tuesday] his new Central Coast Inflation Resources Guide, which his constituents can use to help lower their everyday costs of transportation, health care, food, and more.

“Higher costs of living place a significant burden on working families who are already struggling to make ends meet, and I’m working in Congress to ensure that no one has to face even higher prices as we navigate these difficult times,” said Rep. Carbajal. “As I’m working in Congress to implement these solutions, I hope that all Central Coast families take a look at this guide as a way to find programs and resources that already exist to help lower their monthly costs.”

The guide also reminds Central Coast families that anyone in the 24th Congressional District having trouble with federal agencies or programs designed to support them can contact his office.

The Central Coast Inflation Resources Guide can be found here.

The Inflation Action Plan can be found here.

Additional Background on Inflation Action Plan

The Inflation Action Plan includes calls for action on key priorities that Rep. Carbajal has advocated for over the past year, including:

·         Passing investments in domestic manufacturing for critical components, including semiconductors, to lower costs of in-demand appliances, cars, and energy technology,

·         Expanding tax credits to support lower health care premiums, more affordable child care, and an extension of the expanded Child Tax Credit,

·         Support funding and legislation that will help construct more affordable housing and lower housing costs for California families,

·         Getting the Farm Workforce Modernization Act and American Dream and Promise Act signed into law to fix legal immigration channels and bolster the U.S.’ available workforce,

·         Investing in clean energy technology to reduce reliance on volatile global energy markets and continue releases from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve,

·         And passing prescription drug pricing reforms to allow Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug costs, cracking down on drug price gouging, and capping the cost of certain prescription drugs including insulin.


The Inflation Action Plan also highlights steps already taken by Congress and the Biden Administration to combat inflation, including approving the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Ocean Shipping Reform Act to reduce supply chain disruptions and reduce inflated shipping costs for U.S. companies and consumers.

The Inflation Action Plan has been called “the best inflation-fighting blueprint to come out of Congress yet” in Forbes Magazine; and heralded as a “surprisingly bold move” and “simply smart policy” in the Washington Post.

Rep. Salud Carbajal represents California’s 24th congressional district, encompassing Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and part of Ventura County. He sits on the House Armed Services Committee, Agriculture Committee, and Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, where he serves as the Chair of the Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation. 


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  1. He went to the southern border in 2019. All the border agents Carbajal talked to said they needed more boots on the ground. No border patrol official he talked to mentioned needing a wall. President Donald Trump put out a $297 million contract to a vendor to show him how to hire Border Patrol. So, the first payment they made was $14.8 million. You know how many Border Patrol they hired with $14.8 million? Two.

  2. Money has been too easily given out by the feds and banks, as well as the massive “COVID relief” programs which included unprecedented handouts. Time to pay the fiddler. Money doesn’t grow in trees anymore. Salud you were right there voting for this stuff. But so far he’s been pretty bulletproof in SB.

  3. What part of defending an allied democracy against a tyrant is nonsense? We learned the hard way in WW2 what happens when you let dictators invade their neighbors: they will just keep going. If we let him, Putin would try to take over much of eastern Europe. It’s very odd how the GOP and others sound like borderline traitors when they used to be the ones rabidly defending our interests abroad.

  4. MarcelK
    The members of the house control a lot of money that gets funneled back to the states.
    Money=leverage, so I’d assume that Salud gets his phone calls returned. If the CA Democratic House reps all got together and pushed for State level changes they might make progress.
    Onto your claim about Republicans, you are not 100% correct. Via noted Right wing paper The Guardian:

  5. Big pharma bought and paid for Republican lawmakers a long time ago. They poison red states with opioids, rob people with jacked up insulin prices, and call people in West Virginia and Tennessee “pillbillies” and enjoy mocking their suffering in internal communications. Yet when it comes time to bring their inflated prices down or regulate unethical practices, GOP congressmembers are quick to defend the “free market” or go against “socialized medicine.”

  6. Sail: Lol, immigrants probably make your lunch. That’s a terrible analogy. Unless you’re part native, all of our ancestors were immigrants. Socialists, anarchists, misfits, draft dodgers, and the poor and destitute that had trouble surviving in Europe were the first large influx. President Dump’s grandfather was dodging the draft in Germany, then started saloons and brothels in Alaska. He came from a long line of spineless criminal trash.

  7. MarcelK
    “illegal alien” and even the word “alien” in this context used to be a legal term of art and not a pejorative.
    The intent was to be able to accurately and easily describe an individuals status within a legal framework.
    If I go to Mexico, I am an alien. If I overstay my visit there, I am an illegal alien. I’d guess that the vast majority of illegal aliens in Mexico are white US citizens who cannot claim Mexican citizenship through family ties.
    If I go to New Zealand, Australia, UK, Spain, France, Italy and work without the proper paperwork, I’m an illegal, undocumented worker who is white American.
    One thing that is easier for Americans of any color is a prosperity exception if they bring along enough money. Some countries will even consider your monthly SS income. The US makes allowances here as well but the $$$ threshold is much higher

  8. Not to mention the ACA was all Dems, which still left a huge chunk of our population without health insurance, significantly raised prices for those that do, and was a windfall to Big Pharma and the medical industry.

  9. I’m amazed at the hatred towards “GOP” on this site… Our State is run be Democrats and we have had two terms of a Democratic POTUS, one term of a Republican and now control again of our country with another Democrat… Things ain’t going so well with this “progressive Democratic” platform that likes to attach itself to the “World Global Agenda”; Western countries are degressing financially, socially and engery wise, while China is laughing and the Chinese Yuan will be the “New World Currency”… When that happens, your lives will spiral in decline… Wake up!

  10. There are even more immediate things that could be done to bring prices down. Here are a couple of reforms that would provide inflation relief right now. End the special california gasoline formula and all state fuel taxes now! We could be paying a couple dollars a gallon less right now like many other states do. Reduce the cost of electricity! Other states pay half or less compared to what we pay. This would provide immediate relief for people struggling with rising expenses. End all restrictions on importing prescription medications! We pay 10x or more for the same drugs compared to other countries because the pharmaceutical industry has captures our regulatory agencies, jacked up prices, and prevented us from buying low cost imports. We should start importing drugs for a fraction of what we are paying now immediately.

  11. Salude Cut out any aide to illegals (thats why there called illegals) I’m tired of funding these illegals, its costing us taxpayers billions that we need now. Putins terrible war is costing us because of Putin’s causing supply chain shortages B.S. (we already had supply chain shortages) quit sending billions to Ukraine (its not are war) if you noticed its has been loosing crooked news popularity awhile ago. If you want to do something have someone takle down all the signage of the Ukraine flags etc on State and Los Positas (looks like the U.N.) and its on City property

  12. Take a civics class. A Member of the House can’t do anything to change state law or reduce the cost of electricity. As for drug costs, talk to the Republicans–they are the ones who block the ability of the federal government to negotiate drug prices.

  13. When is Salud going to visit our Border that affects us here on the Central Coast and across the U.S.
    The border is the main throughfare for Meth that plagues our State and Nation. Just last weekend, the Border Patrol and San Diego Police stopped a truck in National City with 5,000 pounds of Meth… Just ONE bust… Hwy 99 and I-5 are the traffic corridors of the transport of Mexican manufactured Meth and we are all paying the price… Those “homeless” you see everywhere… they are most likely the recipients of METH. Once productive and functioning people are now street vagrants who get catagorized as “mental health” problems. Well, if you ingest enough poison into your brain, that’s the result. Wake up people, We have a serious epidemic on our hands and we have to control the source of where the meth is coming from… “Come on Man” Protect our sovreignty as you were SWORN to do.

  14. Right wingers are dishonest trash. Do you even read the articles you cite? “I understand that the pharmaceutical industry owns the Republican party and that no Republican voted for this bill” — Bernie. I never said that there aren’t any conservative (aka right wing aka ahole) Democrats. What I said is that it’s the Republicans who block this–if they didn’t, then those 3 conservative Dems wouldn’t matter.

  15. “Onto your claim about Republicans, you are not 100% correct. ”
    Here was my statement: “As for drug costs, talk to the Republicans–they are the ones who block the ability of the federal government to negotiate drug prices.”
    That was quite correct. But for the profoundly stupid and dishonest, I’m happy to amend it to “As for drug costs, talk to the Republicans (and 3 DINOs who might as well be)–they are the ones who block the ability of the federal government to negotiate drug prices.”
    What do these scum have in common? They are right wingers.
    “Via noted Right wing paper The Guardian”
    It’s an opinion piece by David Sirota and Andrew Perez. Do you have any idea who those guys are? They aren’t saying anything I disagree with, but those lefts/progressives would not agree with you about much of anything.

  16. “Not to mention the ACA was all Dems, which still left a huge chunk of our population without health insurance, significantly raised prices for those that do, and was a windfall to Big Pharma and the medical industry.”
    Lying as always.

  17. Discredit everything because of a typo, you must be a Dem . Who said I hated illegals? I said take away free money that politicians ( clowns) are giving illegals that is the taxpayers moneys for real issues

  18. Salud know as much about business and root causes of inflation as a bad of hammers. Libtards like Salud want people to suffer so that they see big government as the solution to their woes. Whatever Salud is saying is just rhetoric.
    I actually do not mind CA’s higher taxes for gas – I remember when driving to LA was a smogfest and now the air is much cleaner. So – paying extra whatever for gas is a small price to pay for having clean air.
    Whenever I drive up north or down south and see the migrant workers harvesting the food I am thankful – and have no problem with giving them an extra hand to have a decent life.
    What I do have a problem with is the trillions of $$$ the Libtards advocated to have pumped into our economy in the form of PPP handouts and covid relief funds. This was like throwing gasoline onto the fire. Why do you think border patrol wants more boots on the ground? Because there is no wall to keep illegals out. Only a Libtard would think otherwise as they have no concept of how to solve problems and be fiscally responsible.
    The only cure for inflation is inflation. At a certain point in time demand will slowdown as people change their buying habits. Businesses will be forced to lower prices to attract customers. Supply will catch up.

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