Cannon Firing Off Stearns Wharf

By Nic Saubestre

I just wanted to share these photos I took Wednesday at Stearns Wharf. I was able to take a pretty neat “action” shot right at the moment that the cannon was fired for the first time in 10 years (using my camera’s high speed continuous drive for non-photo nerds). I had no idea that it was still functional! Although it was my understanding that the city had a canon expert go over it in order to ensure that it was still safe enough to do so. All this was of course done to continue celebrating the 150th anniversary of the wharf. 

Also is one of my personal favorite shots that I took during last year’s Christmas Eve of the SB Museum of Natural History Sea Center . 

Hopefully those that were unable to make it to the firing can get some enjoyment out of the photo! (minus the chest-pounding shockwave of course). 


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