Calming Nature Photos

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Calming Nature Photos
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Edhat readers share calming photos of nature and landscapes surrounding the Santa Barbara area.

By an edhat reader

By Max Rosenberg

Last week the rainstorms caused the Santa Ynez River to flow into Cachuma Lake.

The Santa Barbara Harbor and a quiet Santa Barbara.

By Spoiled

The wildflowers at Douglas Preserve are not practicing social distancing.

By Randy Cox

A few photos taken from West Mountain Drive and along Las Canoas Road during a training bike ride on Saturday, April 11.

By an edhat reader

Springtime has arrived in Santa Barbara's backcountry on the Easter 2020 weekend with a frosting of snow on the high mountains in the San Rafael Wilderness. 

By Wendy

Morning, I wanted to share these photos taken along the Santa Ynez River! It was a spectacular day!!

By Tom

A late summer afternoon near sunset on West Beach with  Santa Cruz island in the background.

Beach guardians at work early on a summer's morning near 1,000 steps.

By an edhat reader

A few photos from the past few weekends.

By Willow

Farren Road in Goleta on Monday evening.

By an edhat reader

Photos from the past few days.

By an edhat reader

The Moon and Venus above Butterfly Beach last week

By Timothy

Social distancing at Carrizo Plains National Monument.

By Steve

Social Distancing in Santa Barbara

By J

Rincon Beach near high tide on Tuesday morning.

By Noah

The SB Land Trust Property: Arroyo Hondo

And Douglas Preserve on Wednesday morning (4/8) before it got gray again.

By Bonnie Carroll

I've become 'Bonnie on the Block' walking and photographing flowers along the way near my Casa Carroll. It's amazing all the lovely flowers I never saw before because I was hurrying and just was not looking.
Here are a few nice ones I found.



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MaxPilot Apr 14, 2020 09:51 AM
Calming Nature Photos

Such fun to see!!! Thank you all for the great shots!!!!

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