Calling All Volunteers for Storm Debris Cleanup

By Heal the Ocean


The recent winter storms brought in large quantities of debris – plastic, tires, and trash to our shores. In response, citizen groups and residents are forming to clean their local beaches by picking up trash and taking action to tackle this problem.

It is up to us to take action and protect our beaches.

Heal the Ocean asks you to join in this effort – now, and in the storms to come. HTO will provide all volunteers with trash bags (cleaned, used horse feed bags), sturdy gloves to protect your hands, and Heal the Ocean will arrange pick up for the trash collected.

Please call Jasmin at the HTO office at (805) 965-7570 starting Monday (1/9) to pick-up the free supplies or report location(s) of trash. piles. We will be offering this service through the winter storms this season – and beyond.

PLEASE JOIN US! A quick call will do it all.

Thank you!

Andrew Velikanje is working for HTO by cleaning up the boats that are washing ashore off East Beach. 


Written by healtheocean

Heal the Ocean focuses on wastewater infrastructure – sewers and septic systems – as well as ocean dumping practices that have contributed to ocean pollution. They are focused on Santa Barbara County, but their methods now serve as a model for other coastal communities across the country. Learn more at

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