Cachuma Level Photos

By Max Rosenberg

Lake Cachuma on Sunday with some inflow.


Written by MaxPilot

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  1. Nice! Remember when they were sucking water out of the mud? This is much better and way more beautiful. Cachuma has been on my mind lately, so it’s nice to see the results. The geography shows how high it can go, but we still need to be prepared for the next drought when it inevitably will come. It will likely be like this last one or worse, due to climate change. But back to today’s sentiment – this is very cool!

  2. You had to stick the old climate change in there? Recall Jerry brown saying drought was the new normal the summer right before our biggest Sierra snowpack ever? California has always cycled between drought and flood. Let’s hope we never see an atmospheric rover like the 1880’s which flooded the state for months. And yes before the cars started driving.

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