Cachuma Lake Growth in 5 Months

Cachuma Lake in October 2018 (left) and March 2019 (right)

By an edhat reader

I was looking at images from the Cachuma webcam and it’s a pretty amazing difference from October 6, 2018 to March 6, 2019.


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  1. The graphs such as the one shown are so misleading. I’ll bet that some people think the lake is almost full. (It is only at 65% capacity at this time) I wish they would ditch the specmanship and the “lying with statistics” approach and publish straight forward statistics. A good honest presentation would be percent capacity vs. date and set the the vertical axis range from 0% to 100%

  2. Current report on Cachuma Reservoir is that it is at 68% of capacity. Should it reach capacity water will spill into the Santa Ynez River basin and replenish it as well as reaching the sea and maintaining the river as a ecosystem. All good.

  3. The “surcharge” is more for the nonsensical desalination plant than the cost of drought water bought from elsewhere. This cost is basically a sop to Montecito which now does not have to deal with its consumption problems as the people of the city will do so in large part. This is pretty corrupt politics as well.

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