Bristol Farms to Replace Vons in La Cumbre Plaza

The Vons location in La Cumbre Plaza will close this September to make way for Bristol Farms, reports KEYT.

Vons is scheduled to close on September 14 after 51 years in that location.

Bristol Farms is described as an upscale grocery store chain that was founded in Los Angeles County. They currently operate fifteen stores with twelve being in Southern California and one in San Francisco. The company also owns the two Lazy Acres Market locations, one on the Mesa and another in Long Beach. 

Bristol Farms has not yet made an announcement on the store opening.

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  1. Can’t say I’ll miss that gross Vons. Poorly stocked butcher items. Fresh chips boiled in grease so old they smell like old fish. There really is nothing that draws me there other than the redbox machine.

  2. Pricey but wonderful food choices. Great deli and bakery, fresh organic produce. Gorgeous gift baskets. Shopping at Bristol Farms is an adventure. Free delivery to your home for orders over $99.99, or $9.99 delivery fee, same day if you order before 11 a.m. Hoorah!

  3. I agree with Monkeyboy that this particular Vons was really an underachiever, especially in that neighborhood close to Hope Ranch. I very rarely shopped there and, indeed, Redbox was the only good thing. As far as Bristol Farms, I really don’t get it as we already have Gelson’s with their great selection of produce, meat, and fish and, to a lessor degree, Whole Foods. Plus, I see Bristol Farms cannibalizing business from their own Lazy Acres, the latter being essentially a mini- Bristol Farms. I used to stop at BF when they had a store in Westlake on my way back from business in L.A. and the meat and fish selections were first class, although the produce section really wasn’t anything to write home about. They also stocked a large selection of cheese, although too exotic for the most part. But at least that crummy La Cumbre Vons will be gone, although value seekers will now have to go elsewhere.

  4. Ugh. A decent store like Vons with properly hired employees and modest profit expectations is sold out to another image and exploitative merchandiser. I know that many in Montecito were apparently embarrassed to acknowledge that they shopped there but it will be missed.

  5. I always forgot that Vons existed. No complaints about BF, it serves a particular market and it’s nice to have different places to go for high end produce/meat every now and then. I just wouldn’t make it a daily place to get your staple (that’s what TJs is for). On another note, I really don’t get the love for Gelson’s in this thread. IMO it’s Vons quality for Whole Foods prices.

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