Body of Homeless Woman Found on State Street

Source: Santa Barbara Police Department

On March 28, 2022, around 8:20 am, the Santa Barbara Police Combined Communications Center received a report of an unresponsive female found lying on the sidewalk in the 1200 block of State Street. Officers, Paramedics, and Fire Department personnel arrived on scene and located the subject, who was partially covered in a blanket.

After an initial investigation, it appears an employee of a local business called 9-1-1 when they noticed the female was non-responsive. Sadly, it seems the female had been deceased for several hours prior to first responders arriving. The employees of this business knew the decedent as a local transient who frequently camped and slept in front of the business.

At this time there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding this investigation. The Santa Barbara County Sheriffs Coroner arrived on scene to retrieve the decedent. Currently the Sheriff’s Office and the Police Department are working on confirming the identity of the female and looking to locate next of kin.

There is no further information about this investigation currently.


Written by SBPDPIO

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  1. MEBK – we can afford to do both, we’re one of the greatest, most wealthy countries on earth. Do you really think we’re not helping the homeless because we’re instead putting all our money into helping immigrants?

  2. MEBK, way off: “U.S. border authorities recorded 164,973 migrant apprehensions last month, compared to 153,941 detentions in January, the CBP figures show. Expulsions of migrants under a pandemic-era restriction put in place in 2020 rose by 17% to 91,513, representing 55% of all border encounters in February.” That is a neat gain of illegal immigrants greater the size of Santa Barbara in a single month, and that’s only the ones they caught!

  3. CURMUDGEON – I’m told that back in the 70’s an attempt was made by police to place addicts in a civil commitment program, i.e., house and rehab versus jail. All the civil libertarians and others came out complaining it was a violation of the addicts “civil rights” to civilly commit them (similar to a psychiatric hold) into a non-jail facility for any reason. From that point forward they were jailed and charged for their crimes. In all cases the priority is the “rights” of the individual. It doesn’t matter what the more “humane action” might be. A “humane action” is merely an issue for discussion. In today’s world, put someone in a place that benefits them but a place they don’t want to be. They will turn around, sue you and end up living in your home.

  4. CURMUDGEON – As to a “sweeping change,” IMO, for one, the feds should close/secure the borders. Once implemented this could allow more money for state/local governments to better deal with the homeless issue. Shut down or minimize the “freebies” to illegal aliens. Again, this could free up more funds to better care for Americans. By not doing this is clear evidence Biden cares more about people from other countries than he does Americans. Biden and the liberals are simply hoping for future votes by pandering to these people.

  5. Well, for sure NO bureaucracy will even come close to solving the homeless phenomenon, as is blatantly evident. So called “non-profits” , local governments,& Federal programs are all bureaucracies. Mentorship is a better option….NO money needed, no bureaucracy…just simple interaction, restoration of dignity, human-to-human contact…. connection is powerful and direct. Isolation exacerbates mental health issues. Drug addicts & alcoholics already get too priority , as lotsa money fliws to grants for such. They get Section 8 & SSI, Food Stamps…, Free health care too.then, they sit & woatch TV all day. Although able to work after pricey rehab, most prefer all the perks WE provide. Again, bureaucracy at play. Much talent is hidden in the homeless. Let’s start a mentorship movement that is free from directors & staff (and the need to perpetuate their positions)! Maybe the person you choose to help just needs to be heard & helped with tires for their car or van ..etc. maybe they need the perk of dignity restored & some guidance in exactly how to monetize their skills/talents. This is how I’ve helped , and ,yes, mentorship works,!!

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