Bobcat Sighting in Mission Canyon

By an edhat reader

I saw this posted to my neighborhood’s NextDoor and wanted to share with anyone who leaves their small pets outside in the Mission Canyon area. Most of us that live here already know this but at times we can all get complacent, so a gentle reminder.

“Was sitting on friends terrace just before dusk tonight  with my 3 lb Yorkie. at my feet. When I looked up, saw this “cat” sitting 8 ft away watching us. 
I got up, holding the dog, and moved towards It, thinking it was a lost cat. It casually walked 20 ft away to sit in the bushes and watch us. As it moved I saw its’ bobbed tail. 10 minute staring contest between us, finally strolled off when I went into the bushes near it.
Any idea if it’s a young bobcat that doesn’t know to be afraid of humans?
Or just a very hungry one?”


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