Bear Foraging on Toro Canyon Rd.

By an edhat reader

Many of the residents already know this, but as a reminder, we share our great area with the local bear population. 

Residents on Toro Canyon Road, specifically near the Ridge Trail, had their trash bins ransacked by local bears the other night causing quite a mess. Remember to fully secure your trash and be kind to our animal neighbors.


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  1. In Sycamore Canyon, a year and a half ago, as I went out my front door to dump some trash there was a bear about 8 feet away sniffing my trash bin. He looked at me and went back to the trash bin. Since he wasn’t being aggressive, I took out my phone and took some pictures of him. When he picked up the bin to dump the trash out I yelled at him and he put the bin down and left. Interesting encounter with our wildlife.

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