Be Prepared for Rain Events: Sandbag Availability

Be Prepared for Rain Events: Sandbag Availability title=
Be Prepared for Rain Events: Sandbag Availability
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By the City of Santa Barbara

Be prepared for rain and don’t wait until it’s too late! When a "Flash Flood Watch" is issued by the National Weather Service and confirmed by the City of Santa Barbara, residents are allowed to receive 20 free sandbags at the Sandbag Station located at 401 E. Yanonali St., which is operated by the City of Santa Barbara's Streets Operations Division. 

Sandbag Reuse & Disposal Options:

Reuse (recommended): Durable sandbags can be saved and reused on your property during the next rain event.

Disposal: Full sandbags can be dropped off locally at the MarBorg Construction & Demolition Facility as well as at the County Transfer Station for a fee. You can also empty and use the sand on your property and then dispose of the emptied plastic sandbag in the trash bin.

*Sand, dirt, and rocks cannot go in the trash bin and will result in the bin not getting picked up. Drop off locations are listed HERE.

Receive details about the City's Sandbag Station, including how to fill sandbags HERE.

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swarfmaster Dec 20, 2022 07:27 AM
Be Prepared for Rain Events: Sandbag Availability

Seems as though the past few years we get some nice rains early on but then again it dries up and perhaps only one more event before summer. We have not seen a puddle in our backyard for several yers when we would get the 3-4 inch storms. Nice to think we might need these bags, hope springs eternal...

Minibeast Dec 19, 2022 05:10 PM
Be Prepared for Rain Events: Sandbag Availability

Those plastic sandbags are terrible. Do we really need more micro plastics in our yards? As the plastic sandbags age, they fall apart and shed plastic bits that are difficult to gather up and dispose of. Why isn't Santa Barbara distributing burlap bags? Or maybe a hydra barrier product that folds flat and can stored when not in use? If the hydra barrier is too expensive to give away, how about offering it at reduced cost?

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