BASSH Huge Dance Event

By Robert Bernstein

Ballroom, Aerials, Swing, Salsa, Hip Hop spells BASSH. BASSH began in 2000 as a way to showcase local dance performers. It has grown in every way since then under the leadership of Derrick Curtis.

BASSH 2022 offered dance styles including Chinese classical, Flamenco, Latin International Ballroom, Aerials, Salsa, Afro-Brazilian, Middle Eastern, Hip Hop and Broadway. Jatila van der Veen, Roxana Bonderson and others stepped up to lead this year, with Derrick appearing virtually from his hospital bed. Ever upbeat and energized! Here are my many videos and photos!

The event opened with a multi-part colorful “Circus” performance.

Soon we were taken to the world of Classical Chinese Dance.

Then we were taken straight to Neptune’s world for this water dance.

Then a sweet “Embrasser” duet with Thomas Richter and Martha Jin.

Yulia Maluta choreographed and performed in “Colors of Tango” with dance partner Hector Sanchez.

Jatila van der Veen was very busy as co-producer and artistic director this year. But she was also a star performer and choreographer in “Paso Doble” with Vasily Golovin.

After a short intermission we were back as local artist and choreographer Beth Amine was honored with the BASSH 2022 award.

Then on to La Caña Flamenco, choreographed by Daniela and Ryan Zermeño. A crowd favorite.

I was delighted to see that “dance” included “aerial dance”: Flights of Fantasy – AIREDANSE. Choreographed by Claire Lindsstrom, Danielle Garcia and Hector Sanchez.

Cris! Basimah choreographed and performed in “Fly Away With Me Tonight” to the tune of “Levitating”. Chris! is a belly dance star who performs in many events in our region, including with the Middle East Ensemble.

Then came a Michael Jackson medley and dance

Yulia Maluta was back with more boundless, spicy energy for a Latin Dance Medley.

Harout Aristakessian of “Dance with Harout” choreographed this dance.

Mariano Silva energized the crowd with his Brazilian drummers “Tropicali Percussive Band” for the grand finale. A warmup for his Brazilian Day at Casa De La Guerra a week later.

With so many performers it took awhile to honor everyone with many rounds of curtain calls!

Jatila had every right to be proud and bask in the glory of what she helped create!

For more information about BASSH and to get on their mailing list for future events, visit their website here.


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