Artist Honors St. Vincent's at iMadonnari

Artist Honors St. Vincent's at iMadonnari title=
Artist Honors St. Vincent's at iMadonnari
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Source: St. Vincent's

St. Vincent’s is celebrating 160 years of service to the Santa Barbara community with their participation in the I Madonnari – Italian street painting festival. St. Vincent’s will have two drawings celebrating the outstanding ministry of the Daughters of Charity during these years.  

The first illustration depicts the Daughters of Charity who established the first orphanage and English speaking school in Santa Barbara in 1858. With the title “Open Arms”, it portrays the heartfelt welcome extended by Sister to a little girl who is coming to her new home at St. Vincent’s orphanage. The second illustration, entitled “First Day” depicts a Daughters of Charity welcoming a mother and her children to the St. Vincent’s Family Strengthening Program established in 1996.

This year’s artist, Rima Villarreal is a graduate of the St. Vincent's Family Strengthening Program. Villarreal credits St. Vincent’s for helping her develop the fortitude to pursue higher education and meaningful employment. “My participation in I Madonnari is an opportunity to give back to St. Vincent’s and the larger Santa Barbara community.” When not using her skill as an artist, Villarreal is currently working in the Development and Administration departments at Storytellers Children's Center in Santa Barbara, pursuing her BA in Applied Psychology at Antioch University and caring for her three sons. 

St. Vincent’s is dedicated to strengthening low-income families and seniors through programs rooted in the Social Teachings of the Catholic Church. Faithful to the charism of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, we serve our sisters and brothers by providing affordable housing, early childhood education and family enrichment opportunities. 

Old Mission Santa Barbara
May 28, 2018
10:00 am–6:00 pm
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