Armed Robbery at Whole Foods

Armed robbery at Whole Foods on State Street. The weapon was a knife, the robber took a basket full of food.


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  1. Funny thing back in 1981 I worked at the Akron where Whole Foods is now on my break one day I went to Char West where Dunkin Donuts is now I was going to buy sodas for all my co-workers. A woman was robbed by some guy at the Crocker Bank ready teller, Crocker bank was on the other side of the creek directly behind the Mobil gas station at State and Hope. The robber went into the creek I gave chase chasing him into La Cumbre Plaza where he was caught. I cannot remember the police officers name who took me back to work but he gave me his card and told me when there was an opening I should apply for the PD. I Told him I couldn’t as I was on probation..Years later I met the robber I chased in an AA Meeting he told me that I took 7 years of his life from him. I told him that he did that to himself that was 39 years ago…

  2. Have you noticed ? The more they keep packing the State & La Cumbre neighborhood with more development projects (very high density with NO access streets …. the more crime is being reported ! Strongarm robberies of several businesses, mugging robberies of citizens in broad daylight 🙁 The criminals are getting even bolder 🙁

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