Another Look at Mission Falls

By Tagdes

Mission Falls is still flowing strongly on March 16, 2023.

This was shot from  Tunnel Rd. a mile from the falls with my 900mm lens.  A little soft from the heat waves right after the rain.




Written by tagdes

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    • I posted one and they said it was too large so I resent it at 100MB and they said it was still 1 over. When I tried to send it everything except the left edge came onto another giant ad and I hit the send where the scanner box was. It may only be because I’m on my desk top but basically anything I click on is half covered with ads. That’s why I seldom do any scanner reports anymore.

    • Ahchooo – Interesting. At home I use an HP docking cube with two HP displayport monitors (daisy-chained). In my office at work I use the same model HP docking cube with two Dell displayport monitors (also daisy-chained).
      I have zero issues viewing Edhat’s site with my laptop when it’s connected to the dock at home. But when my laptop is connected to the dock in my office, viewing Edhat pages causes one of the two monitors to display garbage and then the laptop eventually crashes.
      Our IT team tried swapping out the office docking cube with another of the same model but no change. I eventually figured out the daisy chain between the two office monitors was having a problem with Edhat’s pages which then caused a problem between the docking cube and the laptop (it’s a Thunderbolt interface). The laptop would then crash.
      Conclusion … it appears certain very specific monitor/docking-station hardware combinations have a problem displaying Edhat’s “newer” style pages (may be related to the new advertising but that’s just a guess). Just wanted to throw this out there in case anyone else is having intermittent crashes while viewing this site.
      p.s. I just got two new monitors for my office. Will be interesting if swapping them in makes the problem go away.

    • 12:06PM I’m going to wait until I swap in the two new monitors (which I believe will also support a DisplayPort daisy chain) to see what happens. I’ll have to say, our IT team and I were astounded that this site consistently caused the system to crash but no other site (that we tried) would.
      I might also try switching the daisy chain order on the existing monitors to see if that has an effect.

  1. The photo is nice! There’s also a little waterfall to the right. Empathized with your frustration about file sizes (and ads) Tagdes. I saved a photo of mine (*.jpg, 1.68Mb) using Paint into other formats to try to reduce its size. Instead, each format (*.png, *.bmp, *.gif, *.tif, 16-bit *.bmp, 24-bit *.bmp, 256-color *.bmp) made the file bigger, sometimes much bigger. Plus the *.bmp formats made the photo lose details. Opened the original *.jpg file in Paint, selected it all, copied and pasted it into a new *.jpg file (also in Paint), with the result: new file was bigger than the original. With the original *.jpg open in Paint, selected the key part of the photo (leaving extra stuff off the edges), copied and pasted the selection into a new Paint file which I saved as a *.jpg with the result: file was finally smaller. Was the only tactic that worked. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the great photo. So reassuring to see free flowing water again.
    As to the ads, what is the deal with the incessant Patriot videos? Takes up memory resources, valuable screen space and is highly annoying.
    What is the purpose of displaying a sports team that literally could not be geographically and culturally located further away – and of less interest? So tone deaf. Not to mention, SB in general and edhat readers in particular are not likely to be their target audience. Same goes for the Panthers videos. Edhat, what gives? Please stop

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