2023 Fiesta Slideshow

Edhat readers share photos from various parts of the Old Spanish Days Fiesta events this week.

Scroll down to see photos from the mercado, Our Lady of Guadalupe, rodeo, and more!

Mercado de la Playa Ribbon Cutting

Photo: Fritz Olenberger

Photo: Fritz Olenberger

Fiesta Cowgirls

Photo by Jennifer E. Buur

Spirit of Fiesta – Jack Harwood

By Patti Gutshall

It was hot and hard lighting, but worth the wait in the sun.  Jack appears to just float.  Having live music takes the performance to a new level.

Photo by Patti Gutshall

Photo by Patti Gutshall

Our Lady of Guadalupe Mercado

By Patti Gutshall

Look at all those tamales!  Entertainment, plenty of shade and great food.  Love the Pozole!

Photo by Patti Gutshall

Photo by Patti Gutshall

Photo by Patti Gutshall

La Fiesta Pequeña Photos

By Stargazer Ron

I enjoyed Fritz Olenberger’s terrific photos in Edhat today of La Fiesta Pequeña at the Old Mission on Wednesday evening. Indeed it was a dazzling event and I, like Fritz and countless others, took lots of photographs. A sampling of mine are attached, with these and others are posted at: https://photos.app.goo.gl/VqbjFjBLGNwtfTme9

Viva la Fiesta!

Edhat Staff

Written by Edhat Staff

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  1. for my kids and dog and I, this was the best fiesta in memory. there was a massive confetti egg war on lower State, one side vs the other (the egg vendors were happy and we bought ALL of the eggs they had), it was all people, all ages and a lot of fun and it was just an instant event. People on bikes that didn’t dismount were targeted specifically (lol)…the “wheelie boys” got nailed good (you’re welcome). I had a full family, 4 generations next to us toss eggs. The dancers, food and entertainment were amazing. The best thing was the Mercado De La Playa and the carnival. HOW COOL! Just like it was when i was a kid. 830 PM Saturday evening the headliner band was delayed due to a main generator failing, so that wasn’t good. Found a truck selling tacos for $3 each…cheaper than Lilys! They were delicious. We went back 2 days in a row to get them, but $5 for a churro? Shame on you guys. That’s insanely high for a churro lol. Another odd thing was the lack of SBPD. Saw a lot of rental cops, and a bunch of guys that looked like they were just let of prison, wearing “Police” clothing. A friend at SBPD wasn’t sure and didn’t ehar about them, I sent video. They were ABC cops from Sacramento. Weird. No fights, no problems. A lot of walking….Saturday we did over 38000 steps (fit bit!).

    • yo Sac! We live a few blocks away and were so stoked that they put the mercado and carnival back at that location (was always there when i was a kid during Fiesta). The stage area was only 21+ after 6pm if i recall, but yes it was difficult to navigate that and see the bands. Fortunately I only saw one band on the list there that i wanted to see and I’ve seen them dozens of times (Spenser). I didn’t buy any food there since I found the cheap place at DLG Mercado. $3 a taco isn’t bad. $20 tortas…no bueno. The basketball carnie with the face and neck tattoos was tweaked out of his mind. Daughter and i played b ball and won 4 prizes. The guy got mad at the end and quietly told me to go away LOL! I took our stuffed animals and skipped off. From what I hear, they made WAY more money than they anticipated. It will be back for sure and there is rumor that there could be one in the spring as well as Fiesta. Guess it was really that successful, and what a great venue that is mostly unused. I’ve approached them (SBCC) about having concerts (local acts) at the stadium. Perfect venue, plenty of parking and facilities.

    • ZERO – We loved the Mercado De La Playa! Hope they do it again. Some really good food (crazy expensive though) and close to the beach so we could cool off. Only one criticism (aside from $20 birria tortas – which were delicious, but still…. $20), maybe they could have cleared up some area outside the “Cantina” so kids could see the bands/dancers. It was tough to watch from outside the 21+ area. That in itself is for another rant – why on earth can’t we serve alcohol to adults while children are nearby. IDs? Bracelets? Come on. Dumb American laws about drinking, but I digress……
      Had a great time this year!

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