2022 July 4th Fireworks Slideshow

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Edhat readers share photos of the July 4th festivities in Santa Barbara.

By Joe DeLise

July 4th views from the Riviera (scroll through all photos in the slideshow above). 

An unfortunate result of fireworks is pollution. Perhaps a lighted drone show for the future!

By May O.

Just thought I'd send along a picture I took last night at the waterfront.

By Nancy K.

By Matt Roberts

By Mike Eliason

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Thomas John Jul 05, 2022 07:37 PM
2022 July 4th Fireworks Slideshow

Thanks for the smoke/pollution image Joe. I guess we just need to figure out if the enviro cost is worth the celebration. That's a hard one, but again thanks for keeping that part of the show in our view.

helena Jul 06, 2022 08:41 AM
2022 July 4th Fireworks Slideshow

Big fan of Mike Eliason photos, and this one is no exception.
But here's hoping for a snazzy drone show next time. Our critters, air, & beach would all be grateful.
Here's also hoping that people enamored with things that go boom won't risk causing a fire in their neighborhoods when our town is a tinderbox.

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