Facilities Supervisor

Supervise Customer Service Representative
Emphasize customer service as our top priority
Ensure they are performing duties including but not limited to: promoting programs, providing high quality service, completing building cleanliness processes, program analysis, etc.
Support on customer challenges and refunds
Adhere to money handling policy and cashout procedure

Perform routine ice maintenance
Zamboni duties
Ice maintenance including edging
Providing and removing adequate training equipment
Logging facility maintenance and procedures

Customer safety, building security, and compliance
First responder on customer incidents
Make tough decisions under pressure
Ammonia alarm, on and/or off ice accident, etc.
Operations are compliant with local, county, State, and Federal mandates.
Enforce COVID protocols

Programs begin on time
Properly start and end events
Timely Zamboni ice cut following protocols and training


Written by skatingdirector

Customer Service Representative

Help Needed-Missing bike and backpack