Experienced aviation executive opens TruNorth Jets

By TruNorth Jets

If booking a commercial flight for your next vacation or business trip raises your anxiety level given the state of the airline industry, consider private jet travel that caters to all your travel needs and provides unparalleled VIP service that never leaves you hanging.

Headquartered in Camarillo, the newly opened TruNorth Jets serves clients’ travel needs within the United States to Europe, Mexico, Bahamas and beyond, providing the efficiencies of smaller airports and the exclusive benefits of private aviation.

Sarah Oberman, a Rio Mesa High School graduate from Camarillo who holds a bachelor’s in business management from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, launched TruNorth Jets in January and promises an unmatched, first class travel experience.

“I am so proud to provide a highly customized luxury service that makes travel efficient and stress-free,” Oberman said. “No detail is too small. Our clients fly private to avoid crowded airline terminals, long security lines and large airport delays.”

Oberman, former Chief Marketing Officer at Channel Islands Aviation, has a passion for jet charter sales and management, and has decades of experience in the aviation industry, which inspired her to start her own charter brokerage company rooted in exceptional customer service.

With TruNorth Jets, a luxury private jet is at your beck and call. Oberman can arrange the best aircraft for the mission, whether it’s a light jet for a regional flight or an ultra-long range jet that provides the ultimate luxury experience for a flight to Europe.

There is no case of the Mondays when you fly private over commercial, whether for your next travel adventure, business meeting, commute or special occasion.

Oberman was introduced to private aviation at a young age while growing up in a professional aviation family, and that exposed her to the benefits of private flight. Her father had a 45-year career flying charter and her mother, a career selling new Cessna single-engine aircraft. Her brother flew charter for many years before joining a major U.S. airline.

In 2015, Oberman was named to Pacific Coast Business Times’ Top 40 Under 40 for up-and-coming business professionals across the region. Three years later, her experience in the industry was called upon as she served as an expert witness testifying before Congress on the pilot shortage.

With an experienced, respected charter broker with decades of experience in the aviation industry at its helm, TruNorth Jets is a leader in the industry. It customizes experiences for each client to meet their individual needs. Whether your desire is to travel the world or you need to make a last-minute business meeting, TruNorth Jets will deliver.

Relationships are everything in life and especially so in the jet charter brokerage business. TruNorth Jets prides itself on client and aircraft operator relationships, making itself available round the clock understanding the need for an aircraft may arise with just a moment’s notice.

“Not only do we find extreme value in our client relationships, but also our relationships with aircraft operators, which adds to our success as charter brokers,” TruNorth Jets notes on its website.

Its aircraft operator network is strong and yields good pricing, safe aircraft and reliable crews. There are no upfront fees or deposits required to fly private with TruNorth Jets.

For more information about TruNorth and its pricing or to reserve a private jet, call 310-862-JETS or visit www.trunorthjets.com.


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