Winter Storm Photos

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Photo by Jacqueline R.
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Below photos are submitted by edhat readers regarding the winter storm from December 13-14, 2021. Send all photos to

By Jacqueline R.

Around 2:30p.m. Monday we had a few sprinkles up near Franceschi Park and winds are up slightly.  Storm prep done and excited to have some wonderful rain.

Just before dark with light rain.

After the storm on Tuesday.

By David B.

Before the rain in Santa Barbara

By an edhat reader

Five Points Shopping Center after the Storm 

I was running errands after the rain on Tuesday and when I got out of my car on the way to Smart and Final I saw this incredible sunset and its reflection in a large puddle. I couldn’t resist capturing it in a picture. 

By John Wiley

Just as the last big squall of the evening was fuzzing up the air beyond San Marcos Foothills, the sun came out and this brilliant rainbow rose from the ground to vanish in the haze.

By Randy C.

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bicyclist Dec 14, 2021 07:20 AM
Winter Storm Photos

That Christmas tree with the "Floating lights" is one great photo angle. I took me way to long to figure out how that was shot, now just feeling stupid, but that is a great angle!!!

CanyonKid Dec 14, 2021 10:48 AM
Winter Storm Photos

Just go to the MC and sit in the hot tub, the David B.

a-1639740492 Dec 17, 2021 03:28 AM
Winter Storm Photos

The Surfish was a family's living. If you'd like to help out:

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