Why Are These Letters So Fake?

Dear Edda,

Why are these letters so fake? There are so many real problems in the world, why don’t you answer those?

Armchair Commenter

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Dear Armchair,

Sigh, I have actually answered this question before. Just before my last visit to the anger management workshop, I mean health spa. But because I like you, I’ll answer again.

First of all, all of the questions are real questions.  Just because the issues are not yours, doesn’t mean they are not somebody’s. I am happy to answer your questions too, if you want to ask me one.  Although technically I am answering your question right now.

Secondly, I think what you’re really wanting to say is that you’re unhappy about the pandemic and the economy and the coming election and the environment and the depressing state of things in general.  Me too. 

Although I would never suggest that we just put on our happy faces and suck it up, I will offer the following. Every day, get some exercise; take a walk, go for a run, ride your bike. Endorphins are real and necessary. Every day, try to learn something new about our government, our history, the environment. It might give you some idea of how to make positive change. Every day, do something kind for someone else.  Even if it is to smile at a stranger.  A smile with your eyes, because your mouth will have a mask on it.


Edda is not a medical professional but a local lady who loves to give out advice, even when it’s not asked of her. Submit your question to ed@edhat.com for Edda to answer.


Written by Edda

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