Western Meadowlark: SB Wildlife Care Network’s Patient of the Week

Source: Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network

Patient #205 of 2021: Western Meadowlark

Status: Released

Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network’s 205th patient of 2021 is a Western meadowlark that was discovered in the streets of Carpinteria. This small songbird wasn’t flying, so a citizen rescuer brought it into the Center to receive care. 

Patient #205 was found to have a fractured clavicle and coracoid – two bones that are both vital to a bird’s ability to fly. Luckily these fractures didn’t require surgery, so the SBWCN team provided medication for the pain and a special wrap to stabilize the injuries. After about one month of care, this meadowlark was fully healed and ready to fly freely! The team traveled back down south to release the bird at the Carpinteria Salt Marsh – a protected wetland that is home to a wide variety of sensitive plants and animals.

Western meadowlarks are easily identifiable by their yellow underbelly and prominent black V-shape on their chest. These birds inhabit grasslands, marshes, and meadows and can be found here in Santa Barbara year round. Sometimes these songbirds are more easily heard than seen, with their distinctive flute-like melody.

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