Vehicle Crash Closes State Street on Wednesday

State Street crash on November 15, 2023 (Photo: Geo Duarte)

At 1:07 PM, Wednesday (11/15/2023) State Street was closed for about 45 minutes due to a serious collision.

An unknown vehicle was improperly exiting the parking lot at 3225 State St. when a Toyota Prius, being a Good Samaritan, stopped in the right lane to let the first vehicle exit on to State as the light had changed.

Photo by Geo Duarte

The driver of the Prius then noticed a Toyota truck signaling to make a left turn from the median on State into the parking lot next to the Chinese restaurant at 3524 State St. This gave the truck the right-of-way.

The Toyota truck was then T-boned as it made the left turn on the number one lane. The third car involved was a blue Volkswagen sedan driven by a male who was transported to Cottage Hospital with unknown  injuries.

The front end of the Volkswagen had substantial damage, the airbags did deploy. The hood of the blue car was peeled back and the engine compartment was exposed.

Photo by Geo Duarte

State Street was closed from Las Positas to N. Ontare Rd. for about 45 minutes. Some vehicles coming out of parking lots from nearby businesses ignored police and still drove through the closed off portion and the actual scene.

Something to note here, if a vehicle has stopped in the #2 lane ( right lane) on a two lane road, a vehicle approaching in the #1 lane (left lane) should also consider coming to a complete stop.

More pictures on I.G. @Xtek_Overload and soon video on the KZAA-LP 96.5 FM YouTube page.

Photo by Geo Duarte
Photo by Geo Duarte
Photo by Geo Duarte

Geo Duarte

Written by Geo Duarte

Geo Duarte is a volunteer scanner reporter for More reports can be viewed on Geo's Instagram page @Xtek_Overload

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    • The original write-up stated “Westbound” “who-ever-edited” And, not blaming anyone. If readers want the stories quickly disseminated, there are going to be issues. Listen to the scanner, the story is never initially complete or correct. That’s why the term developing story is often used in Citizen-Journalism and in general.

      Thankfully it has been changed it back to the original since the last comment, I think it sort of of runs N. at times. I do not use GIS- and GPS coordinates—generally irrelevant. LoL

      This type convo. had happened previously on that three car crash on LP back in July or Sep. Back then I learned that Las Positas is considered to run North to South. Originally, I wrote the title consciously stating Westbound. It currently reads West… stuff happens, it’s all good.

      Furthermore, the story always read “… closed to North Ontare…” Simply replying to protect my rep. Much love to the entire community. Love to inform and hopefully educate. I learn so much on every call. Thank You.

    • Technically and legally the Prius had the right-to-yield to the truck, and thus the Volkswagen did not yield and rammed the truck who then had the legal right-of-way. I-know-who-weird-that-sounds, this is especially true on crosswalks. If a driver yields to pedestrians, that car becomes a guardian-angel-vehicle and all other cars must also stop!

      This! A Lesson to learn by all drivers who blow through situations such as this. Hope this saves a life or avoids a similar collision!

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