UC Settles Lawsuit with Former Gaucho Softball Coaches Alleging Gender Bias

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Two former softball coaches have settled their lawsuit with the University of California Board of Regents alleging they were terminted by UC Santa Barbara (UCSB) after complaining about gender bias when funding men’s and women’s sports.

The complaint was filed in December 2022 by former head coach Brianne Galicinao and assistant coach Alysia Hendricks stating they were retaliated against after bringing awareness around UCSB’s violations of Title IX and the Equal Pay Act of 1963. 

Galicinao, who served as the team’s head coach from 2007 until termination at the end of the 2022 season, has been twice named “Big West Coach of the Year.” 

She claimed during the 2022 season she and Hendricks compiled information comparing the large differences between resources and funding UCSB provides to its women’s softball and men’s baseball teams. She also put together coaching salary information comparing UCSB to other Big West programs that showed salary inequities between male and female coaching staff. 

The lawsuit stated an example of annual salary differentials was in 2020, Galicinao was paid nearly $87,000 while the baseball coach was paid over $220,000.

Additionally, Galicinao stated there were other major differences compared to the men’s team such as the size in coaching and support staff, field maintenance, equipment, and apparel. The softball coaches were expected to provide and upkeep field equipment on top of regular coaching duties, while the men’s team coaches had designated positions and interns to complete these tasks.

The information she provided showed violations of the federal laws and was presented to the university’s interim athletic director Kelly Barsky and Sport Supervisor Bryan Cornet in March 2022. According to the complaint, there were no follow-ups by the university until she later notified them of an intent to sue when the school terminated her contract and said they were “going in a different direction.”

Hendricks, who had been an assitant coach since 2017, was also informed her contract would not be renewed.

In addition to gender discrimination and Title IX violations, the university was accused of retaliation.

A settlement was reached last month. The terms were not disclosed. 

Jo Evans was hired after Galicinao to coach the women’s softball team after 27 seasons with Texas A&M. Galicinao moved on to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to assistant coach for the 2023 season.

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    • Ha! Exactly the opposite, actually. UCSB has reason to believe they would lose the lawsuit, that’s the reason they settle. It’s an attempt to minimize damages instead of being at the mercy of what a judge would set the value at.
      Settlements are a sign of guilt.

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