Suspicious Male Watching Children

Reported by Roger the Scanner Guy

8:44 a.m., September 29, 2017

Near Franklin Elementary School and resources center only description is a male associated with a silver Nissan car, SBPD is responding to check the area….


Written by Roger

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  1. wow! have not been on Edhat for a while, but folks have gotten pretty feisty. how do you know hwat this guy’s intentions are? I have 3 kids, and still love watching kids at play, whether at the beach or at a soccer field, and am certainly not a pervert. Usually just get nostalgic about the old days when my own kids were little.
    People need to chillax a little.

  2. I have also and really don’t want to anymore unless I see someone, a male manhandle a kid I will call the PD instead 6’2 300 pounds…Whew! You could be my little Brother. I personally don’t care about Class when I see someone hurting a child. I hear these people call in these suspicious calls I post them for the kids and for the parents I post them because of what I went through as a kid I don’t want to see other kids go through it don’t like it tough…I find that some of the people that complain are those who like kids themselves…

  3. So, if anyone thinks that the “suspicious” man watching kids might just have been a father watching his kid(s) play, then, according to you Roger, they are “those who like kids themselves…”? Come on man, that’s a pretty accusation against people just because they question the situation.

  4. This wasn’t reported as a father watching or playing with his kids this was a report of a suspicious man watching children from a silver Nissan by school officials…Someone twisted my words around as usual I then stated it’s usually the people who like children themselves who complain about me posting suspicious people looking at children calls in my opinion.

  5. Thank you for reporting this Roger. As a parent I truly appreciate it, and can’t understand any parent who wouldn’t. Most people understand the difference between suspicious behavior and innocent behavior. At any rate, better safe than sorry – especially when it comes to children. Just because the person may have been a parent, doesn’t mean they’re not a pervert. Fortunately most parents aren’t perverts, but there are still perverts out there who are parents. And 420722, I totally agree with you. Pedophiles deserve much graver punishment than the law allows them. If I were a man, I’d beat them to the point that would render them harmless to children in the future. Roger, I’m so sorry that you suffered at the hands of a sicko when you were young. May God bless, comfort and give you peace. You’re a good man.

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