Suspected Vehicle Thief Captured on Camera

Suspected Vehicle Thief Captured on Camera title=
Suspected Vehicle Thief Captured on Camera
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By an edhat reader

Please help find our stolen family Volvo. On Friday, Aug 2, this person stole our car from the Santa Barbara Harbor parking lot. These pictures are taken from a video set up at the parking kiosk.

It's a 2004 white Volvo wagon XC70. License plate 5EMY348. It had a baby seat in the back. We're expecting another baby in a few weeks and were /are relying on this car!

Please I'm hoping somebody spots this or maybe it's left on the road somewhere. Anyone with information should call the Santa Barbara Police Department at (805) 897-2300.

Thank you!

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Concerned4Calif Aug 08, 2019 08:22 AM
Suspected Vehicle Thief Captured on Camera

Why are all of these photos of such poor quality? Good cameras are not that expensive and could speed indentification of criminals. And the position of the camera is so high all you get is the top of peoples head.

jak Aug 08, 2019 01:16 PM
Suspected Vehicle Thief Captured on Camera

The cameras were installed primarily to deal with people who don’t pay for parking (or for lot attendants who “skim”). They must be mounted so they are not easily disturbed by weather, grounds maintenance (mowing, sweeping, blowing) or vandalism. That usually means tucking them up under an overhang. And while decent cameras are cheap, installation is not, nor are high capacity high definition recorders. So you end up with older cameras still in use and limited image storage. And whoever was driving that Volvo will be easily recognized by someone who knows them.

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