Suspected Armed Robber Arrested in Labor Day Traffic

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Source: Santa Barbara Police Department

On September 7, 2020 at 4:56 P.M. the Santa Barbara Police Department received a 911 call reporting an armed robbery that had just occurred at a gas station in the 3800 Block of State Street.

Officers arrived within minutes and interviewed the reporting party as well as several witnesses. Officers quickly gleaned a description of a get-away vehicle, distinctive features of the culprit, and the last known direction of travel. That information was broadcast back to responding Officers and other allied agencies.

Russell Bradley Wallace (SBPD)

A responding Santa Barbara Police Officer that was heading northbound on 101 scanned southbound traffic and spotted a vehicle of interest matching the description provided by witnesses. That Officer was able to take an offramp and immediately re-enter southbound 101 in an effort to catch up with the suspect vehicle.

Southbound traffic was heavy due to Labor Day revelers returning home -- making it easier for Officers to converge on the suspect vehicle. With the help of CHP, Santa Barbara Police Officers conducted a felony stop and immediately brought the suspect into custody without incident. 

The alleged armed robber, now identified as Russell Bradley Wallace, a 29-year-old Ventura resident, was found with multiple pieces of evidence linking him back to the robbery.

Recovered from the vehicle were a loaded handgun, an AR15 assault rifle, numerous loaded magazines, along with an armored vest and ballistic helmet.

Wallace was booked into Santa Barbara County Jail for armed robbery and weapons related charges.

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ChillinGrillin Sep 08, 2020 02:10 PM
Suspected Armed Robber Arrested in Labor Day Traffic

What a moron, armed to the teeth to steal from a cash register. It's too bad law enforcement didn't put the mugshot of the guy caught taking $3.5 million from investors or the $700 million Ponzi schemer from Camarillo. Instead those guys get an all-expense paid trip to Club Fed and an offshore slush account when they get out. Crime pays when the government is full of criminals.

vvorker Sep 08, 2020 08:45 PM
Suspected Armed Robber Arrested in Labor Day Traffic

I always reckoned the mobile station was up to more than just gasoline... to pay the rent! Don't forget it is a Rockefeller operation....
Don't forget one of ed hats great stories had a business next door behind Chuck's, the
dude rapped the whole family in plastic rap. wonder what happened to Dr. Han's case, that got memory holed royal!

a-1599627743 Sep 08, 2020 10:02 PM
Suspected Armed Robber Arrested in Labor Day Traffic

hey, you could find out if you searched for news about the case. I believe the jailed suspect's name is spelled "Haubsh." No, it's "HAOBSH."
Care to back up your other assertions?

Minibeast Sep 08, 2020 10:44 PM
Suspected Armed Robber Arrested in Labor Day Traffic

According to Noozhawk: "With the assistance of the California Highway Patrol, a high-risk traffic stop was made on the freeway near Hot Springs Road, and Russell Bradley Wallace, 29, was arrested, Payne said."

x01660 Sep 09, 2020 06:25 AM
Suspected Armed Robber Arrested in Labor Day Traffic

Comments like this are why Black people get the cops called on them, and they end up getting shot.... "Yes officer, but I'm sure it was him that I saw before. He just has that thug "look", ya know?"

Just something to think about....

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