Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore title=
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore
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(Photo submitted to John Palminteri / KEYT)
Update by edhat staff
April 12, 2019
A private party at the Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel included surprise fireworks startling many local residents Thursday night.
Around 9:45 p.m., numerous edhat readers wrote in asking about sounds of "explosions" and potential fireworks that could be heard from Montecito to Hope Ranch. 

A fireworks show lasted for nearly five minutes and was 

The party was held at the Biltmore Hotel for MetLife insurance where top company executives had been staying all week. The fireworks were included as part of their party, reports an edhat reader with intimate knowledge of the event. 

Neighbors and nearby residents were not informed of the fireworks show. Fireworks must be permitted, but there is no requirement for public notification.

Video provided by an edhat reader

Reported by edhat readers
10:00 p.m., April 11, 2019
  • Very loud explosion-like noises heard from Ladera Lane coming from Santa Barbara direction around 9:45pm. Lasted for several minutes. Any info?

  • Why was there a pro-level fireworks show towards Montecito at 9:40 tonight?  Celebration at the Rosewood Miramar?

  • We're hearing what sounds like fireworks tonight (9.45 PM)  we live in Mission Canyon but it seems to be coming from miles away. Does anybody have any information?

  • Did anyone hear what sounded like 30 seconds of rumbling thunder around 9:30 PM tonight?

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a-1579291770 Apr 15, 2019 09:05 AM
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

Regardless of your stance on this hot issue, it is a darn good thing when the biggest problem in our community last week was a firework show that wasn't publicized.

a-1579291770 Apr 19, 2019 05:04 PM
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

I have relatives that have money and they won't be staying there to me animals are more important than fireworks.

LDK57 Apr 13, 2019 07:53 PM
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

I thought in Santa Barbara, they needed a permit and had to notify the residents when fireworks are going to be set off. 10 pm is pretty late on weekday. It takes quite a bit of preparation to set fireworks off, so there was no excuse to not notify people. I hope the Biltmore got fined. How totally disrespectful of the community and their pets. Bad neighbors!

pstarSR Apr 15, 2019 07:47 AM
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

"Neighbors and nearby residents were not informed of the fireworks show. Fireworks must be permitted, but there is no requirement for public notification." - literally in the post

Factotum Apr 13, 2019 10:29 AM
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

15 minutes of local fire works versus 4 solid hours of intensely amplified sound coming from Earl Warren Show Grounds a few weekends ago, which broadcast at high volume for miles around. We need to review noise regulations in order to protect the quiet enjoyment of our community. Hannah-Beth Jackson and Monique Limon control Earl Warren Showgrounds. Das Williams has the Biltmore in his county supervisor district. Ironic, all we get from them is total silence.

PitMix Apr 15, 2019 08:29 AM
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

Control in what sense? I have never seen them at the gate taking tickets or anything. If you mean that because EWS is a state property and they are one of the many assembly and senate members voting on laws about how those properties are managed, I guess you are right. That show a few weeks ago was pretty loud but it didn't ruin my life or anything.

MasterChief Apr 13, 2019 09:51 AM
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

So,our Insurance rates keep SKY ROCKETING, (pun intended) Because Met Life Big Wigs wanna party @ the Biltmore?

a-1579291770 Apr 13, 2019 07:09 AM
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

Fireworks can be manufactured these days that are silent. More and more cities are adopting them. Ask Animal Control if their work load increased due to the bangs when people hadn't had notice to lock up their nervous dogs and cats; how disruptive the unannounced explosions were, how many confused animals ran loose the next day.

a-1579291770 Apr 12, 2019 05:45 PM
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

Properly trained dogs do not flip out when there are loud noises. Of course, if you have a whippet, forget it....leaf falls on ground, Prius drives by, baby sleeping, and the whips go bonks.

a-1579291770 Apr 13, 2019 02:58 PM
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

2567: Which shows how little you know about canines. Noise sensitivity may be passed on genetically or a dog may learn to fear loud noises. "Properly trained" dogs may be noise sensitive. Look it up.

Factotum Apr 12, 2019 01:57 PM
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

Fireworks are fun. Think of it as a gift to the community that tax dollars did not have to pay for. It was short lived and pretty for all to see. Yes, some pets react to fireworks, just like they do on 4th of July and other local firework events. Just give them the same shelter you offer your pets at that time. Pets are tough. They are very resilient and must do the same thing when there are unannounced thunder and lightening storms. No one forces anyone to buy MetLife products. If they have a product people prefer over other offerings, it is perfectly appropriate to reward their key people for offering a well-sought after product.

Roger Apr 13, 2019 01:36 PM
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

Hey FACTO....Think of the Homeless as a gift especially the Mentally Ill Folks ya know the innocent Folks you think deserve LOCK DOWN...This gift can help you in ways you can never imagine...As far as your friends shooting off fireworks there was no warning and it is no gift to the community when one thinks of the damage it does to the environment..It could have started a fire..You really should volunteer to dish out food in a food line this stuff your dishing out here don't taste so well..

Mas Gaviota Apr 12, 2019 01:56 PM
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

Think about this on Earth Day: "According to The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, setting of fireworks close to nesting and roosting birds can cause disturbance. The organization advises against launching fireworks near to sensitive wildlife areas, such as nature reserves and nesting grounds for wild birds. For example, during a New Year's Eve fireworks display in Beebe, Arkansas in 2010, up to 5,000 red-winged blackbirds fell out of the sky and died. Beebe is a roosting ground for blackbirds, and during the night when the fireworks started, they may have been startled and their poor vision at night could have led them to be disoriented. " "A 2007 study of an Oklahoma lake following fireworks displays overhead found that perchlorate levels spiked more than 1,000 times above the baseline level for 14 hours after a show. While the maximum concentration detected was 44.2 micrograms — less than 1 milligram — per liter, the study was still the most concrete evidence yet that fireworks release perchlorates into waterways."

Roger Apr 12, 2019 03:30 PM
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

These jerks don't care about wildlife they only care about themselves and the hotel only cares about their money Santa Barbara is their playground the more $$$ they dish out the more they can get away with.

Factotum Apr 12, 2019 02:15 PM
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

Think also about solar towers, wind turbines and high rise buildings killing birds. Millions of dead birds from these green living choices every year. How will we ever resolve these competing forces?

a-1579291770 Apr 12, 2019 01:23 PM
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

We have had noise sensitive dogs in the past. It's no joke about how many animals suffer when they are exposed to loud booms and other fireworks noise. We once had a dog try to jump out an upper story window due to neighbors setting off small fireworks. We know a woman whose dog plowed through a living room plate glass window due to fireworks out in Goleta. The Biltmore ought to apologize to the public. Shameful and extremely thoughtless and inconsiderate not to alert all of us to this "fun" event.

Mas Gaviota Apr 12, 2019 12:57 PM
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

It is time to start accounting for the pollution that these fireworks shows drop into the ocean. We get righfully outraged about cig butts. How much cardboard and toxic chemicals are we putting into the ocean that we claim to protect? We should also monitor th eeffect of the sound on birds and sea llife.

Luvaduck Apr 12, 2019 11:47 AM
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

Nice use for the money Met Life extorts from clients. Executives living like royalty is a huge burden on lessor mortals. I wish their salaries and perks had to be voted on. Their life-styles are based on what amounts to welfare.

Factotum Apr 12, 2019 08:42 PM
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

Insurance is a commodity. It is okay to make a profit selling a commondity. If your product is not good, you don't make money. If it is, you do make money selling it. No one forces anyone to buy Met Life products. But enough do choose to buy what they are selling, so their profit in a competitive market place is theirs to spend how they wish. Don't like MetLife, there are plenty of other operations to choose from. That is how the market place for commodities in a free society works.

CoastWatch Apr 12, 2019 10:32 AM
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

How Gross these ego-maniacs that work for the Insurance Industry (who are crying poor, due to all the wildfire devastation around the State-Including THIS LOCAL AREA) have the balls to throw a week long party at the Biltmore and cap it with a fireworks "celebration..." If any of you have MetLife- call and give them grief or better yet switch companies.

PitMix Apr 15, 2019 08:33 AM
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

My company, Liberty Mutual, brought their top sellers to the Bacara and rented out the sunken gardens for them too. In related news, my premiums have been increasing at a rate of 10% a year. Have switched my car and am looking to switch my house.

CoastWatch Apr 12, 2019 12:10 PM
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

Beyond "fireworks", how much do you think they spent , say 150 exec's and upper management on staying at the Biltmore and partying.... and writing it all off! We stayed at a nice resort last yr in Cabo, and the resort next door (about 120 rooms) was completely booked by a medical insurance company... They partied HARD for a week- The staff said they were "pigs"....

a-1579291770 Apr 12, 2019 09:40 AM
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

We are a stunned population. We have had severe fires, deadly debris flows, loss of homes and animals. Consideration would be appreciated.

Flicka Apr 12, 2019 09:32 AM
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

For the person who was going to call the Miramar and give them a piece of his/her mind about the fireworks. How did that turn out? Top executives of MetLife staying at the Biltmore all week. Imagine the cost of that. No wonder insurance companies charge so much.

LouWho Apr 12, 2019 08:42 AM
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

‪I called the Four Seasons (aka Biltmore) and they said they can NOT confirm the fireworks were for a guest, but did NOT deny it either... Hmmm...‬

sbbulldog Apr 12, 2019 08:31 AM
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

Poor planning. It has certainly happened before, and likely to happen again. Anyone can call the Biltmore and ask about their policy. I am curious. Lucky to have a dog who is oblivious to loud noises.

MDR Apr 12, 2019 06:45 AM
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

I live less than a mile directly north of the Rosewood Miramar. I could see the fireworks from the backyard. We had to look to the west a bit as well as south. Looking at the satellite view in Google maps, it doesn’t seem like the Miramar is in direction I was looking, but I guess it could be. Maybe I wasn’t looking as much to the west as I thought I was. My guess last night was that it was near the Montecito Inn.

Always_Running Apr 12, 2019 05:56 AM
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

Call the Montecito Fire Department and voice your concerns and disappointment with them. (805) 969-7762. We supported them 110% last year, then they leave all citizens of Santa Barbara & Montecito in the dark. Someone (Miramar) should have posted on Facebook (swap), Noozhawk, &/or KEYT. I’m going to call Miramar Hotel and express my disappointment with a 5 star hotel, who’s got no respect for their neighbors. 8059008388

a-1579291770 Apr 11, 2019 11:36 PM
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

There should never be fireworks going off without first giving pet owners a heads-up. There are enough lost dogs and cats right now as it is already.

PitMix Apr 15, 2019 08:34 AM
Surprise Fireworks Show from Biltmore

If they can't figure out the notification, they shouldn't do the event. One should be required for the other.


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