Stearns Wharf Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Improvement Project Begins

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Source: City of Santa Barbara

Pedestrian and cyclists do not always mix well.  Santa Barbarans and tourists experience this challenge on the City’s Waterfront Beachway.

Mixing cyclists and pedestrians on this pathway can result in safety conflicts.  Pedestrians can also feel uncomfortable as cyclists speed by them.  To address these safety concerns, the Project involves pedestrian and bicyclist safety improvements from the Beachway at Skater’s Point off Cabrillo Boulevard west along the Beachway to the entrance to Stearns Wharf.  The goal of the Project is to keep pedestrians and cyclists separated and  to reduce conflict points by encouraging pedestrian use of the Cabrillo sidewalk and cyclist use of the Beachway. The Project is anticipated to be complete in early February 2021. This is a Vision Zero Project to reduce and eliminate severe injuries and fatalities in the City.

The project includes reconstruction of the sidewalks and Beachway around the Stearns Wharf restroom, and reorienting the Beachway toward the ocean by six feet on the northeast side of the Stearns Wharf crosswalk. A second, pedestrian-only crosswalk will be installed northwest of the existing shared crosswalk, and green bicycle stenciling will be painted on the Beachway. A pervious sidewalk will be constructed at an angle connecting the Stearns Wharf sidewalk to Cabrillo Boulevard’s sidewalk so that pedestrians do not damage the Chase Palm Park grass, and the pervious concrete will have a perpendicular path connecting to the restroom in the area. The Project also involves new signage, the addition of bicycle racks for beach goers, and landscape improvements, including removal of two concrete connections between the skate park’s perimeter sidewalk and the Beachway that will be replaced with turf. The sidewalk and Beachway will be separated by a wrought iron rail, matching the existing rail, further defining the separation of the paths.

Click on link below for project drawings:

Wharf Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Improvement Project-Civil Drawings

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Always_Running Jan 14, 2021 12:29 PM
Stearns Wharf Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Improvement Project Begins

I won’t be walking the sidewalks again when the homeless are on the grass. I used to walk on the street side and look over to the ocean, but when I was glancing over a group was using needles and thought I was looking at them. They got angry and called me rude names. I’ll stick to the multi-use path. Also going from the skatepark lot to the pier leads you towards the multi-use pathway anyways.

ZeroHawk Jan 14, 2021 02:39 PM
Stearns Wharf Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Improvement Project Begins

Always Running, what you said is the exact problem they are talking about. There is a sidewalk for people WALKING. There is a BIKE path for people biking. People like you, tend to mislabel or self label things to make it yours. It is NOT a multi use path. It's a bike path/bike lanes and has ALWAYS been this. I have been walking and biking all over this city since 82. I have seen MANY people walking on the bike path and get nailed by a passing cyclist. I have hit people and have had people run out in front of me too. Sorry but you are very incorrect with your self labeling. That is no different than the Wilcox property/Douglas being called a dog park by dog where does it say a dog park designation. Same thing. Just because you chose to call it a multi use path does not make it a multiuse path. Whats next, the lanes for cars are multi use so you can run in them? FFS...stop

bosco Jan 14, 2021 02:55 PM
Stearns Wharf Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Improvement Project Begins

Call it what you want, but that path has been designated a multi-use path by people using it. No where does it say bikes only. Even the city drawings call it multi-use.
Personally, I bike on it, I run on it, and sometimes I walk on it. For the record, if I'm on my road bike and cycling at higher speeds, I use the street. No one should be using it for high speed cycling (this includes ebikes). But, it's naive to think people will not use it for walking/jogging. The majority of people on that path are not on bikes. You're the first person I have heard make that argument.

Always_Running Jan 14, 2021 07:51 PM
Stearns Wharf Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Improvement Project Begins

How this different then the new Las Positas Modoc Road Bicycle & Pedestrian Path Project. The project zero team is on a power trip.

According to the states leginfo website states a “ Bike paths or shared use paths, also referred to as “Class I bikeways, which provide a completely separated right-of-way designated for the exclusive use of bicycles AND pedestrians with crossflows by motorists minimized.”

a-1610734850 Jan 15, 2021 10:20 AM
Stearns Wharf Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Improvement Project Begins

Old lady perfume? Well there is some hate speech at work.
Smelling good is not age-related. How would you know? Sales in perfumes still in billions. Why create offense? Old people are pedestrians most of the time.
I just wish bikers would obey laws as well--not racing at high speed in their space outfits, use lights, and more reflectors --so many breaking rules--and now we have motorized bicycles?

biguglystick Jan 15, 2021 11:53 AM
Stearns Wharf Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Improvement Project Begins

@4850 Well, while we are on the subject of perfume... people, a LITTLE dab'll do ya! Please stop pouring the whole cologne bottle over your head. I have been in Uber and Lyft cars where it was so smelly I could barely sit in the back. Same for people walking by, it is an assault on the senses when a person has so much perfume on that you can smell it 6 ft. away and it bowls you over. That said, ZEROHAWK, I side with you about people being clueless on the bike path, but you cannot squirt someone with cologne, same as spitting on someone, I believe that is called "assault".

bosco Jan 14, 2021 01:12 PM
Stearns Wharf Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Improvement Project Begins

As someone that bikes and jogs through that area multiple times a week, I welcome the redesign, however I don't see it working or even being necessary. That area is mostly filled with wide -eyed tourists wondering around taking pictures or homeless people that could care less about anything. There is not much regard for keeping that part of the path free of pedestrians. I just chalk it up the territory, you can't expect that area to run very smoothly.

letmego Jan 15, 2021 11:06 AM
Stearns Wharf Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Improvement Project Begins

I'm kind of with you on this. I run on the bike path instead of the side walk (or at least, I did, pre-COVID) because it's flatter and it doesn't have slow walking tourists to dodge. I am shocked at the number of cyclists that I see on the sidewalk also. So here's a clue:

Multi-use path: jogging, walking, casual cycling.
Road: fast cycling
Sidewalk: casual walking

For crying out loud, do not take up more than one lane on the multi-use path.

Peace out.

letmego Jan 18, 2021 10:17 AM
Stearns Wharf Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Improvement Project Begins

Oh come on, you know all of those spandex cycling groups aren't ever on the bike path - they use the road.

In any event, there's plenty of space to widen the whole area - much like out by the Biltmore, where there's one lane for walkers and two for cyclists.

My favorite walking/ cycling story of all time...a grad student friend was cycling home (Goleta), from UCSB to Ellwood. He was on the bike path in front of FT. It was summer, and there were visiting parents - I'd call them elderly, but shoot they were probably only in their 50s and 60s (which, to me, was elderly at the time!) They were walking 4 across on the bike path, 3 feet from the sidewalk.

He asked them politely to move out of the way. One lady snarkily said "pardon me for walking on the SIDEWALK!" He said "Ma'am THIS is the bike path - THAT is the sidewalk." (In her defense, the little painted bike signs on the path had worn off, they weren't that visible.)

ZeroHawk Jan 14, 2021 02:45 PM
Stearns Wharf Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Improvement Project Begins

I am VERY happy that the city is finally addressing this! There is a bike path. There is a sidewalk. Let's use each appropriately. Just this morning, enroute to work on the bike path along the harbor beach. 4 older ladies walking should to shoulder taking up both lanes. I yell, on your left, please move. they ignore me. This is a constant issue. So i get up on them and say it louder, then i get the BS passive aggressive responses and attitude. Let me tell you something, doing that is no different than doing it in front of a moving car. It's rude. It's not ok, it's selfish. It's dangerous. It makes you look like an idiot. It's dangerous it's dangerous, its dangerous. Back in the ol days we would hit an air horn to make them move, i may start doing that again. I can hit speeds of 20-25 mph on my bike...and if some idiot who wants to create his own rules, is walking on the bike path with headphones in and is swaying from one lane to the next, he is going to cause an accident, injury, death. Who is this guy? He's just about one in ten random people walking around a path designated for cyclists.

ZeroHawk Jan 18, 2021 09:00 AM
Stearns Wharf Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Improvement Project Begins

Bosco, many of us use parts of the BIKE path for EXERCISE. If you want to cruise and stroll, go off of a designated bike path that clearly has a lot of BIKE traffic on it. I'm not going to argue this with you, it's moot. I stated a fact. It's a bike lane. End of discussion. People like you are the problem here. You take everything given to the community and wank when it doesn't fit your exact tailored needs. You'll cry and complain until the city bends and waters down everything. Typical over entitled santa barbara. It's not mixed use or multiuse. It's for bikes. If you chose to ride your bike like a slow snail, you too will cause accidents, it's called impeding traffic. I watched one person after another on the weekend walking on the bike path and frustrating, annoying, and causing problems for the CYCLISTS on the BIKE path. I am NOT alone, not even close. Another thing, there are E bikes all over the waterfront and downtown, you call ME an idiot for riding at a standard speed of 20mph, 25 when the ebikes go much faster and accelerate much faster.

Ahchooo Jan 14, 2021 03:01 PM
Stearns Wharf Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Improvement Project Begins

I’m glad this is being addressed, even though I’m sure someone will claim it is an extravagant use of tax money. I wish they would improve the path between Leadbetter and the breakwater. I never know where to walk when going through those parking lots. Not much space to work with there. Question: do skateboarders belong with bikes or with pedestrians? Do motorized bicycles belong on the bike path? Where should the peddle carts go?

Bird Jan 15, 2021 09:29 AM
Stearns Wharf Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Improvement Project Begins

It's been noted re State Street that painting a path green for bicyclists means higher speeds and is to be avoided. If this area is separated by a railing to divide between bikes and pedestrians it will mean just one more obstacle: pedestrians and bikers and skateboarders and skaters will use whichever they want, whenever. As someone who dog walks daily in that area, I've given up hoping that the sideWALK will remain free of fast-moving bicyclists and skateboarders; the "beachway" that _used to be_ the "bike path" is now a de facto multi-use way, even though it was partly paid for by bicyclists' funds. So long as the city does not stencil NO BIKES on the sidewalk and does nothing to prevent pedestrians from clogging the way along the beach it will remain a problem, even in this Covid-19 time when there are relatively few tourists. As a pedestrian and occasional biker, I can strongly empathize with ZEROHAWK.

Crystalandmaui Jan 15, 2021 05:40 PM
Stearns Wharf Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Improvement Project Begins

I do use that bike path, I to am annoyed when people are slowly walking on it then stopping to chat. So I do have a bell on my bike and I have no problem ringing it, then my dog will bark too. Then the people get scared but they move. Look there’s a sidewalk to walk on move over. It does say bike path on it.
Glad this might get fixed.

love my bubble Jan 16, 2021 01:46 AM
Stearns Wharf Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Improvement Project Begins

I’ve been riding from the Mesa to State for 25 years. When the beach bike path was put in, there were painted signs on the path stating it was for bikes only - no pedestrians. It was meant for bikes, the side walk was for walking pedestrians. Using the path to go to work every day grew increasingly frustrating as the tourists increased and as summer days brought out more people walking cluelessly on the bike path. At least I could ring my bell and politely let them know the sidewalk was a few feet away and point at it, because the path was then meant for bikes. I flipped my lid when the markings changed / painted over, to allow (and thus encouraged) pedestrians on what used to be a bike path. When my kids started to use the same route to go to school every day, I heard and still hear all the same complaints I had all those years ago!!!!
How simple to repaint the bike path with BOLD “Bike / Skate boards only”. And a no pedestrians (pedestrian image circled and crossed out) they probably still have the old stencils in storage somewhere.

ZeroHawk Jan 18, 2021 09:06 AM
Stearns Wharf Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Improvement Project Begins

yall can keep denying fact. here is more fact, from the city. this defines things and ends it as far as i'm concerned.
"Pedestrians are encouraged to use the Cabrillo sidewalk, and green bicycle stenciling will be painted on the beachway to encourage cyclists to use that path."
or someone on a bike may air horn you....

a-1610991436 Jan 18, 2021 09:37 AM
Stearns Wharf Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Improvement Project Begins

Good responses overall. I've used that "multi- use" path for years also, as a cyclist, although usually walk or run on the sidewalk in the evening when it is safer to maneuver. The title "Vision Zero" gets a chuckle because in my mind it is "Zero Vision". Many commentators expressed the obvious: there are more peds that cyclists, and on the busy tourist take over weekends, they don't have a clue, nor are they interested in the signs. A class 1 bikeway is the only way to make it work, where peds have to crawl over a barrier to get in the way of whizzing bikes. How to do that? On street cycling can be hazardous at Each Beach during tourist takeover, also. My solution has been to avoid the mess on weekends and cycle or run, walk etc early or late.

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