Small Brush Fire Extinguished Near Santa Barbara Zoo

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Update by the Santa Barbara Zoo

We had a scary situation at the Zoo this afternoon when a fire started at the edge of the grounds around 4 PM. Luckily, the fire was put out quickly and all guests, staff, and animals are safe!

Our fantastic Zoo crew reacted quickly and efficiently when the fire was first reported, helping to relocate cars in the parking lot and notifying emergency services. The cause of the fire is unknown at this time. The only damage was to vegetation and potential minor effects on a few Zoo storage units.

We would like to give a HUGE thank you to our incredible first responders that kept the Zoo and both human and animal lives safe! [Santa Barbara City Firefighters, Montecito Firefighters, and Santa Barbara Police], thank you so much for all you do to keep our community protected!

Update by the Santa Barbara Fire Department

SBFD responded to a vegetation fire in the 500 block of Niños Dr. 

Fire crews were able to contain the fire and stop further spread. No damage to adjacent residential complex or the Zoo. Cause of the fire is under investigation.

By Scanner Andrew

Multiple callers are reporting a vegetation fire near the Zoo on Ninos Drive.

Video by Scanner Andrew

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Lucky 777 Apr 12, 2022 07:18 AM
Small Brush Fire Extinguished Near Santa Barbara Zoo

Can there be any doubt, a fire in bushes during a windstorm, just another drug addled unhoused neighbor posing a threat to the community. Under investigation, of course. Must have been a monkey from the Zoo. Battle for the Planet of the Apes!

Henry Sarria Apr 13, 2022 04:16 AM
Small Brush Fire Extinguished Near Santa Barbara Zoo

JB86, thank you for that. Doesn't fit the description of the dude whose picture I got yesterday, but who knows, might be either a connection or maybe he saw something.
Either way, I saw lots of spot fire damage in the area & it looked like he was gonna set more off, as there were what I call "pyre piles" laid out. Scary.

Henry Sarria Apr 12, 2022 09:14 PM
Small Brush Fire Extinguished Near Santa Barbara Zoo

Hey Andrew, thank you for all that data! I went by that area today on my lunch bike ride (it was WINDY!) along the "rail trail" (as I call it), saw some of the remnants of spot fires near & under the overpass on my way out to Hollister Village area.
On my way back I encountered an erratic individual standing in the middle of the trail in the area of the burns, I got a picture of him & the SBSO now has it.
I have tabs on all the transients in the area, this guy is a new 1, haven't seen him before, but that doesn't mean he's the guy who did it, but just too much coincidence, given location, behavior & words.

ScannerAndrew Apr 12, 2022 12:14 PM
Small Brush Fire Extinguished Near Santa Barbara Zoo

It was reported on Storke near Calle Real. The fire was put out by construction crews, and the fire investigator was requested to respond. The suspect was described as a transient that was heading SB on Storke towards Hollister. Sheriff did respond but couldn't locate the transient. That's all the information I have, maybe JB86 has more.

JB86 Apr 11, 2022 09:01 PM
Small Brush Fire Extinguished Near Santa Barbara Zoo

Yup, had another fire intentionally started this afternoon
by one of our homeless neighbors at Stoke Road near the RR tracks. Not a warming or cooking fire - just malicious arson. Witnesses saw him do it, and flee the area.

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